Stained Glass and Shadows


Today is this year’s third Four in Art reveal. Our theme for this year is ‘Light’ and the sub-theme for this quarter is ‘Stained Glass Shadows’. Our aim, as always, is: “…to break out of the usual gridded experience and try a new concept, free of structure or preconception, moving the boundaries of our own skills forward in both concept and technique”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.12.25

My offering for this quarter is, I’m afraid, something of a fail – hence the and in my title…

I did think this was a wonderful challenge and I had some quite elaborate plans for interpreting this theme (perhaps one day I will make that quilt!) but after a month filled with one funeral (and an extraordinary amount of related activity), much cleaning and house sorting and many guests the deadline drew nearer and nearer without a stitch being stitched. Finally, yesterday morning I found myself home alone and with the the thought that having ‘something’ to post would be better than having nothing to post, I set to making something as simple as possible as fast as possible.

Before I embarked on this, I held a piece of the shot cotton up to the window and I felt sure it cast a coloured shadow…

But when it was finished, I tried to get a stained glass shadow effect and no colour was to be seen. I tried painting the back of the ‘glass’ fabrics with mod podge but, perhaps not unpredictably, it didn’t help…

Having no time to add a quilted ‘shadow’ or try anything else, I am posting it it anyway and taking the Edison/light bulb view. I have learnt one of the many ways not to make a shadow-casting stained glass window from fabric.

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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Bird Organiser


Bird mania continues, here at Rainbow Hare!

I’ve finished this organiser for my daughter’s birthday. She’s at uni and has a small room so I hope this will be easy to hang on her wall. I sized the pockets to take A4 sized papers, a pencil case and odds and ends and notes can be pegged onto the line between the birds.

pocket detail

I’m very pleased with how the organiser itself has turned out but I’m regretting using that stripped background fabric with the printed fabrics on the birds. I had intended to use a pale grey solid background and I wish I’d either done that or made birds from brighter or darker fabrics so they’d pop a bit more. Next time I should go with my instincts, rather than ploughing on into the night and thinking it’ll look ok in daylight!


bird/peg/line detail
What have you been sewing this week?

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(or if you’d like to), remember to link up with Kristy over at Quiet Play. In case you’ve missed it, Kristy has designed a fab paper pieced Christmas block just for the blog hop and she is offering it free for a limited time :)
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Sew Slow WIP

Since Friday, I’ve only managed to put together four centres for my Scrappy? Sew Be It! bee blocks, which I mentioned in last week’s WIP post.

I’m hoping to end up with 36 blocks like this –

And I’m thinking I’ll get a selection of the stars onto the foundation paper and then do all their spidersweb strings in a batch but if my sewing goes any slower I’ll stop! Thank goodness I have some bee friends to help me!

I’ve noticed I’m not the only person in blogland who is having a quiet week. Perhaps it’s just a busy time of year for everyone…

I did have one finish this week, though, and a fabulous one too – my Free Two Bee Friday Finish! I’m still amazed at the wonderful additions my bee mates made to this quilt!

34″ x 47.5″
How has your sewing been? Are you rattling through your UFOs or enjoying the lovely weather (at least in the UK for once!) or just busy with other things?
Wishing you a happy week whatever you’re doing,
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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