Bird Organiser


Bird mania continues, here at Rainbow Hare!

I’ve finished this organiser for my daughter’s birthday. She’s at uni and has a small room so I hope this will be easy to hang on her wall. I sized the pockets to take A4 sized papers, a pencil case and odds and ends and notes can be pegged onto the line between the birds.

pocket detail

I’m very pleased with how the organiser itself has turned out but I’m regretting using that stripped background fabric with the printed fabrics on the birds. I had intended to use a pale grey solid background and I wish I’d either done that or made birds from brighter or darker fabrics so they’d pop a bit more. Next time I should go with my instincts, rather than ploughing on into the night and thinking it’ll look ok in daylight!


bird/peg/line detail
What have you been sewing this week?

If you’ve been joining in with


(or if you’d like to), remember to link up with Kristy over at Quiet Play. In case you’ve missed it, Kristy has designed a fab paper pieced Christmas block just for the blog hop and she is offering it free for a limited time :)
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

21 thoughts on “Bird Organiser

  1. Shanna

    Okay I was very confused at first, I couldn't figure out how that would organize your birds…wow a not thinking moment. It makes a fantastic organizer though, lol. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Sandra :)

    Sweet organizer – how adorable that she can put papers and bits into the line between the birds – nice touch :D I like that background fabric – I think it's fun! Now – is it just me, or does Music Birdy look like she has a secret she wants to share, but knows she shouldn't??!! She has that LOOK about her!


  3. Sandra :)

    OOPS I forgot … this week I've been working on the last of the little Halloween bits and pieces I was making for the neighbour kids (the ones I know). Felt masks, more felt finger puppets, and today, 2 fabric baskets (based on Pink Penguin's basket tutorial) – tomorrow I need to finish stitching 5 puppets together and then I can start putting together the gift bags :) I'm looking forward to getting back to working on Christmas stuff – I just remembered today that I have to get a stocking put together so my sewy friend can embroider the recipient's name on the cuff – I forgot all about it, oops!


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