The Rainbow Hare Peg (Clothes Pin) Bag – Pattern now available


Rainbow Hare Peg (Clothes Pin) Bags

This week, I have finished sewing some Caravans and I’m very happy to announce that the Rainbow Hare Caravan Peg (Clothes Pin) Bag Pattern is now available as an instant digital download in my etsy shop :)

The finished peg bag is 14 1/2″ (w) x 10 1/4″ (h). The download includes pattern pieces + full photo instructions of how to make the peg bag using home dec weight fabric for the bag and quilting weight cotton for the details…


Rainbow Hare Peg (Clothes Pin) Bags

…and notes are also provided indicating how to make a quilted version.

Wheel hubs and door handles – button details.


Rainbow Hare Peg Bags


Rainbow Hare Peg Bag with Vintage Cloths


Rainbow Hare Peg Bag with Vintage Linens

Over the next couple of weeks, I will also be adding some ready made versions of the peg bag to my shop.


Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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Wool on Sundays – 124 (going round in circles)

Welcome to Wool on Sundays :)

rainbowhareAnd thank you very much for the kind and encouraging comments on the subject of leaping :) Being rather taken up with the leap, I have had to impose a crochet ban on myself. Just in case a certain Mr RH, who is on record for making some less than enthusiastic comments about crochet (which he may wish to retract when the cold weather comes and a certain Ripple Blanket comes into its own) should happen upon this post, I must add that I am still as passionate about crochet as ever. I am just giving it up temporarily on account of its being so addictive that I am in danger of getting nothing else done.

And being newly crochet-less, my only wool/yarn activity this week has been buying a 6mm circular knitting needle.

The eagle eyed might have noticed last week that Mrs hare was using some rather nice retro yellow plastic needles.

She brought them, and their equally delightful container, with her in her trolly shopper but I thought she would be very happy with the new addition because I’m sure she will find knitting back and fourth on a circular easier – especially when it comes to the yoke.


Mrs Hare is not altogether convinced, though. She says she doesn’t mind giving them a try but she is afraid she might find herself going round in circles, which, I suppose, I can understand.

Most days, I feel like I’m going round in circles myself :)


Do you have anything woolly to share this week?

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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Leap in Colour?


I am very nearly at the Ta-da of the peg bag pattern – and I am very keen to get the Ta-da in soon or an entire year will have passed since I announced I was ‘in the process’ of making it. And, whilst I was working on the pattern this week, I have been making a small batch to sell in my etsy shop. And all the hand sewing has given me ample time for pondering. (The pictures in this post are of things that just happen to be on the table).


And one of my ponderings was about the byline of my blog and etsy shop – ‘Dream in Colour’ etc…

img_0930-1And I pondered that for as long as I can remember (back in my pre-internet days), I dreamed of having a shop of of sorts. I used to make things with a plan to have a stall at a Christmas market but, having five young children at the time (not to mention the ever evolving menagerie) and being always in the process of renovating and restoring Victorian Houses, and, to boot, having a tendency to gift all my makes, I never managed to build up enough stock…

img_0927-1And I pondered that, now, etsy provides the perfect platform for a maker with only a few items and I dream of having my etsy shop all stocked up with beautiful makes…

img_0899And I pondered that I dream, often, of all sorts of things that one day I will make to fill up my shop…

img_0928And I pondered that perhaps ‘Dream in Colour’ etc isn’t the greatest byline on the point that it is all very well dreaming up all these things – making them, let alone selling them, is another matter altogether.

img_0927And then I thought, quite out of the blue:

To dream, perchance to leap…

And I was really quite surprised at that thought -‘Leap in Colour?’

How weird does that sound to you?


But the more I think about it, the more I think it has to be done. Not changing the byline – I think that would sound weird! – but taking a leap.

I think it is time to take a leap :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare