Eureka! My Final Four in Art Reveal


Today is the final Four in Art reveal and, firstly, I would like to say thank you to all the Four in Art members. Sewing along with you in these Art Quilt challenges has been an inspiration and an education and I wish you all well with your future projects :)

Our theme for this year is ‘Light’ and the sub-theme for this quarter is ‘Illumination’. Our aim, as always, is: “…to break out of the usual gridded experience and try a new concept, free of structure or preconception, moving the boundaries of our own skills forward in both concept and technique”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.12.25

Although I chose ‘Illumination’ as the sub-theme, I had no idea what to make. I kept thinking about illuminated letters, but that didn’t seem to me to have much to do with this year’s main theme of ‘Light’.

Then I considered light bulbs and that, circuitously (no pun intended), led me to consider light bulb moments and eventually to ponder on Archimedes, who was taking a bath when he realised that a body submerged in water displaces its own volume and ‘took to the streets naked, so excited by his discovery that he had forgotten to dress, crying “Eureka!” (Greek“εὕρηκαheúrēka!”, meaning “I have found [it]!”‘ (Wikipedia). Or so the story goes.

This brought me back to the possibility of an illuminated letter – E for Eureka – illustrating a light bulb moment or a moment of illumination.

Once I had the image in my mind of an elegant golden letter with a lightbulb and a person in a bath, I came to the practical problem of how to actually sew that into a quilt. My go-to would ordinarily be appliqué but I’m not keen on raw edge appliqué and I thought if I tried to needle-turn a metallic fabric to appliqué a gilded letter with both thick and very thin strokes it would, most likely, end up a terrible mess! And then I had a small eureka moment myself when I realised I could use paint in place of tiny/awkward appliqué pieces! So I investigated fabric paints and luckily came upon Pebeo Setacolor Opaque fabric paints.


Details of how I painted the letter can be found in my ‘Time and Tide’ post.


I’m considering making some more of these as an occasional long-term project and, one day, turning them into an ‘Unexpected Alphabet Quilt’…


Please visit the other members of Four in Art and see their interpretations of our Final theme.

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Apples and an Autumnal Cardigan


‘Autumnal’ is one of my favourite words but one I’ve had little occasion to use this year so I have decided to include it in the name of my very recently finished cardigan. The months are spinning by at a shocking rate and the harvest is harvested and the apples are nearly over. But the golden days of a vintage-coloured October are nowhere to be seen. How very green it is all still looking!


And the cardigan, too, is green – dark olive – though it looks lighter and greyer in these photos.

I will give the technical knitting info in my next Wool on Sundays post (on November 5th).


In the meantime (unless, of course, you are on the other side of the world and enjoying Spring!) I wish you some Autumnal days before Winter sets in :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

A Wedding and an Updo!


Have you tried something new this month and linked  up with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches?

My ‘new to mes’ this month have been, mostly, wedding related. For the first time in my life, I had a proper updo done by a hairdresser, which I love from the back!



And I also wore a fascinator and a pink dress (well out of comfort zone) and bought a vintage handbag from etsy. I’m holding a bouquet (incase you are wondering) because my daughter was taking the photo. I hope the ‘real’ photos will be more flattering!

The main event, however, was that the first of my children to get married – my eldest son – got married. My two other sons were joint best men and my two daughters were bridesmaids. The bridesmaid in the centre is the bride’s sister.


It was a wonderful wedding and we all stayed in a hotel in Portsmouth with a great many of our relations, which was a bonus new to me too. IMG_2013

I’ve now moved onto a less fun ‘new to me’, which involves moving the entire downstairs of our house upstairs – or at least as much as we can fit and who knows where the rest can go – because are having the downstairs floors sanded next week :(

I am linking this post with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches for New to Me in 2017

Janine @ Rainbow Hare