Wool on Sundays – 157 (A Crochet Mat)


Welcome to Wool on Sundays :)

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Have you had a yarnful month?

Last month I was unknitting and this month I uncrocheted – but then I re-crocheted so now I have a net gain from frogging previously made items that were not getting use. Back in 2014, I started an experimental crochet project, which was fun but, despite several attempts (below), I never managed to make it into anything useful.

It last featured in the story where Granny Square unravelled the sea!


Unfortunately, she didn’t unravel all of it so I frogged the rest and, working two strands together, I crocheted a circle and made into a floor mat for our downstairs loo.

It is Drops Cotton and so it should be fairly hard wearing and last a good time. Although, I haven’t weighed it to work out how much it must have cost, I know I would never have bought the yarn to do this but as I bought it so long ago and it was languishing in a bag, I’m feeling as if it was quite a thrifty make!

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

The loose leaf version…


When the swallows came and I was banished away from my Makery into the garden to weed and weed and weed and suchlike, I became possessed of the idea that I should like to make a fabric book and, throughout those months of heatwave and gardening and painting, I preserved my sanity with pondering its pages and construction and even, on rare occasions, a little Summer stitching. The book includes a bit of everything, really. Some stitching, some vintage linens, some applique, some transfers, some cross stitch…Some, you may have seen before and some I’ve not shown.


I had it in mind that it would be nice to finish it by the time the swallows left on their long journey to Africa but during these past few weeks the skies have been filling each evening with clouds of these swift little birds darting and diving and swooping and, sometimes, alighting for a moment on the telephone wires.

And now they are gone leaving us earth-bound creatures with duller, emptier skies to prepare for Winter and brace ourselves against the growing dark and cold.

And reminding me that time for Summer stitching is quickly coming to an end and my book is still loose-leaf in the most literal sense. I would love to get this finished by the end of the month as May Day to Halloween seems, to me anyway, a good timescale for the making of a Summer Stitching book. But I’m not sure that is manageable. So, this month, my goal is to have the pages finished to a stage to be sewn into the cover, after which I think I will probably embellish a little more.


In the meantime, I will be linking this post with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal October Linkup and Whims and Fancies for Wandering Camera. Last year I linked with Soma when I achieved a lifetime ambition to capture a swallow with my camera and, although they may not be much to look at, the swallow photos in this post were an equal challenge!

Good luck with your October goals :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Something Different


This month, I have been working on the Something Different blocks for my One Monthly Goal challenge, which was making eight blocks and setting them into the layout of the squares and rectangles underlying a Golden Spiral.

I have achieved my goal (yay!) of sewing the blocks and I’ve sewn them together and quilted them so I will link this post with OMG

Elm Street Quilts


But I’m undecided about what to do next.


On the one hand, I’m inclined to add a QAYG border and finish it up but, on the other, I have some abandoned (wrong-size!) blocks and I’d quite like to keep going and make it into more of a sampler quilt…but then I don’t know that I’d actually want a sampler quilt.

I’ve never used blocks in an intentional layout (apart from traditional repeat patterns) before or made a sampler quilt and some of the blocks are made up so, whatever I end up doing with it, this is certainly a new-to-me project so I’m also linking this post with  New to Me at Celtic Thistle Stitches.

Another new-to-me was finding Fiona sitting on Mrs Hare’s lap reading to her – apparently cats always read sideways :)


How have you got on with your goals this month? I wish you good luck with whatever you are making,

Janine @ Rainbow Hare