Wool on Sundays – 152 (not much to show)



Welcome to May’s Wool on Sundays. I hope the sun is shining, today, on your part of the world. Since the last Wool on Sundays, I seem to have been juggling lots of things and balls of wool were not in the mix.

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.38.07

Mainly, my every waking (non-working) daylight moment has been taken up with  the garden, which was waterlogged since the Autumn (with a couple of snow interludes), until April when, in one week, we had a mini heat wave (28 degrees), a month of rain in a day and a hard frost. And my Endeavourer’s quilt, which I thought I’d never finish, has occupied my evenings!

So my month’s knitting amounts only to this!

I really must press on with it or the new baby I’m making it for will outgrow it before I finish but first I have a lot of emails to reply to.

Hopefully, some nice woolly posts will be linked up for us all to enjoy.

I hope you have a lovely may :)

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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Happy May Day!


I have been very absent here of late, after this quilt took on a life of its own and I very much feared I would never meet today’s deadline on the theme of Change/ Transformation. I hope to post more about it soon but some of my thinking behind this piece and and the quilts of my fellow Endeavourers are being revealed today on The Endeavourers blog so please visit to see all the different interpretations.

In the meantime, I wish you a very Happy May Day!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare :)

Stitching, stitching and more stitching…


Long ago, in my pre-blogging days, I used to do a lot of stitching, mainly cross stitch and some blackwork. Back then, it was the sort of pick-up-put-down portable work that knitting has been, for me, lately. Every now and again I find odd pieces mixed in with fabric scraps and I sew them into a cushion or something but I remember the stitching was always slow going and, as I found when I was asked to sew a verse on a bridesmaid’s handkerchief for a friend of my daughter’s a couple of years ago, my eyesight is no longer so keen as it was.


So it has been years since I have felt the slightest inclination to stitch again, let alone embroider something for its own sake. And long may that have continued had I not chanced upon a photo of an embroidery stitch sample book by the wonderfully talented Maya Matthew from Million Little Stitches. Do check out the link and then I’m sure you will be able to understand my unexpected stitching obsession! Then, as happens in blogland, one thing led to another and I found myself at Pintangle contemplating whether to join TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday)…And to cut a long story short, I have embarked on three stitching projects and I am basically following the TAST stitches – though I am very far behind and may never catch up. I have started my first piece with the 2018 image from my Makery Log and I plan to have this as a ‘Year of Stitches’ project and possibly add it to the Unexpected Alphabet (‘A’ for ‘a year in stitches’?).

The first ten TAST stitches are:

TAST Stitches by number

And, so far, I have used half cross stitch (not on the list), running stitch, buttonhole stitch and stem stitch.

And for my second project, I am making a linen stitch sampler book, in which I will follow along with ‘Beyond TAST’ and maybe add anything else that happens to appeal to me.

Beyond TAST

It took a good deal of setting up!

And, so far, I have only done a Running Stitch page…


I should probably mention that I am thinking of this as fun learning project and hoping to improve over time!

Lastly, I have a little secret stitching but here is a little peek. I don’t really have time to do this but I so love this cursive alphabet…


So, all in all, I’ve had some very pleasant sewing evenings.

I wish you a very happy weekend :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare