When daffodils begin to peer…

When daffodils begin to peer,
With heigh! The doxy over the dale,
Why, then comes in the sweet o’ the year;
For the red blood reigns in the winter’s pale.
(Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale IV,11)


Alas, the ‘sweet of the year’ is yet (but hopefully soon) to come and, despite the daffodils blooming everywhere, it is still knitting weather so I have been knitting in daffodil colours.

I originally thought I would post Eggbert and his flower at Easter but then I thought if I shared the pattern here someone else might like to make one as an Easter decoration.

You can find the Daffodil pattern at ODDknit. The Rabbit pattern I used is a copy of a vintage toy knitting pattern, which I bought on ebay.


The knitting was straightforward enough but, as with many vintage patterns, the various pieces are knitted as if they are a sewing pattern and I found the overall effect of the increases clunky and the sewing together – especially the head gusset – a bit of a nightmare. I will certainly look at modifying it if I make it again. This time, I just made the ears a bit smaller (and put a piece of soft and stable inside using the knitted ear as a template) and I knitted a tail instead of making a pom pom. If you can’t find this actual pattern, I’ve seen many similar ones which, might well be better.

He doesn’t bear close scrutiny but I’m quite pleased with the general effect and he is a touch vain and insisted I take lots of photos!

I am going on a short holiday so I will be away over the weekend and I hope when I get back Jack Frost will have gone back to Siberia, taking his ‘beast from the east’ with him and Spring will have started springing :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

Wool on Sundays – 150 (A Light Brown Aran Cardigan)


Happy March and welcome to another Wool on Sundays!

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.38.07

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb and this year it certainly arrived in style. Foolishly, I didn’t get around to taking photos when the snow was at it’s most beautiful and the skies were blue but here is the beginning of the melt through the window (lazy, I know).

The chicken do not like snow at all and they stayed in a lot of the day, which is unheard of in any other weather,

A little squirrel looking like she’s had about enough of it :(

Some partridges who came to visit and the pigeons who like to eat the acorns.

Fiona was not a fan but Poppy loved it and I did get my daughter to take some photos on her phone when we were out walking so, next time she’s home, perhaps I will add them and that will brighten up this post a bit :)

All in all, I am not fond of February and I’m glad it’s the shortest month but with all the rain and then the snow, it has been good knitting weather and I, unexpectedly, finished another cardigan. It is basically the same as the Emerald one last month but I used a couple of different cable patterns on the front and, mostly for quickness because the garden will soon be calling, an all over pattern everywhere else. The rib is p2,k1 (right side).

The main pattern is very quick and simple. It is worked over 4 rows with a multiple of 2 stitches + 1 and is worked as follows:

Row 1. k1, p1 to last stitch, k1

Row 2. k to end

Row 3. p1, k1 to last stitch, p1

Row 4. k to end

If you click on the mosaic above, the second photo shows the reverse, which could be used as the right side, if preferred.


I think it gives a nice texture and it’s very warm and cosy, which I have been appreciating. The yarn is WYS Aire Valley Aran in Light Brown (which I was lucky to find half price in a January sale) and I used 4mm needles.


Have you found time to knit in front of the fire? Or in the sun if you are still enjoying Autumn in your part of the world?


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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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The Trial and Error Cats

IMG_6060 2

As every pet owner knows (and I’m using the word ‘owner’, here, in the loosest possible sense because we all know who really owns who), now and again, when you are not thinking too much about it, you fall quite naturally into speaking each other’s language.

And so it happened the other afternoon. It was bitterly cold outside so we were all together in the Makery. I was sitting, knitting in the blue floral armchair, Poppy was snoozing in front of the fire, Fiona was in her box on the desk and Mrs Hare was busy sewing.


“I really should make something else to go in my shop,” I said, more to myself than to anyone in particular.

“Why don’t you make some cats?” asked Fiona.

“Cats…”, I pondered.

“Yes! You make hares and birds and dolls and dogs…”

“Only sausage dogs!” interrupted Poppy (we have discussed before the difficulty of making a spaniel).

“And sheep!”, added Mrs Hare, without looking up from her work.


“But cats would be better,” said Fiona decidedly. “I’m sure you’ll find there’s quite a market for them.”

I wasn’t entirely persuaded but, by now, Fiona was in full flow. “What you need is some black cats – perhaps other colours later – and I’d start with nine.”

“Why nine?”

“Oh, for the nine lives of course”.

Mrs Hare and I looked up from our sewing and knitting and even Poppy looked a bit a surprised.


And Fiona laughed. “People always think a cat’s nine lives are nine narrow escapes from death! That’s not it all – and no one wants to buy a cat falling off a roof”.

And she turned around and started cleaning her paws and we all waited for her to tell us what a cat’s nine lives really are. And we waited and waited, all of us knowing quite well that she is not an animal to be pressed for information, but, so far as she was concerned, it seemed that the conversation was over. In the end it was Poppy, who is not usually known for her respect and diplomacy, who broke the silence.

“So, dear Fiona, beautifulest of cats,” she asked in her most polite voice, “What are these nine lives then?”

“Oh, it’s just what we do,” replied Fiona casually. “Humans and dogs and hares have one life at a time and we have nine different lives and live them all at once”.

“But how can you?” asked Poppy. “We see you having your one life, here in the Makery with us”.

“No. You see me having one of my lives here in the Makery with you. That is my life as a Makery cat. And sometimes you see something of the other eight”.

“Like a lady detective?” asked Poppy, getting the idea at once – we all call her ‘Fiona the spy’. But Fiona wouldn’t be drawn into details. “Seven are based on the seven skills of cat, which you can easily observe, and two are personal choice,” she said. Then she sprang effortlessly from the box and was out in the garden before anyone could ask her anymore.

So we just had to guess the seven skills of cat. So far we have come up with these:

  1. Sewing/Knitting/Crochet Assistant.
  2. Spy.
  3. Explorer.
  4. Astronomer.
  5. Acrobat.
  6. Dreamer.
  7. Teacher (Poppy insists that she learnt everything she knows about hunting from Fiona).

Who knows whether those are right or not. You may have some suggestions of your own and we’d love to hear them.

From a sewing point of view, it certainly gave me something to be getting along with and so began the Trial and Error Cats.


So far, there are miscellaneous body parts +  four whole large cats without faces +  two small cats. And all are without clothes…


So, at the moment, they are rummaging in the vintage scraps and playing dressing up and suggesting all sorts of outlandish attire that it may or may not be possible to construct from from some odd lengths of lace, old table cloths and vintage hankies…


I suspect they will be back soon.

I wish you a warm and happy week!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare