Bloggers Quilt Festival – Magical Midwinter Quilt (the words edition)

My regular readers are probably fed up of seeing this quilt because I only made it about a week ago and I blogged about it last week. If I’d thought about it, I should have waited for a few days before posting but I’ve decided to enter my Magical Midwinter Quilt into the Blogger’s Quilt Festival anyway :)

I first had an idea about making a quilt something like this last Christmas when I made my Old Man and the Sea Wall Hanging. I thought, suppose the old man accidently caught that fish…and of course that fish would ask him not to kill him…and naturally the old man would agree…and of course the fish would really be a woodcutter under some kind of unfortunate enchantment and by saving his life the old man would break the spell and the fish would return to his human form.

And I thought that, as Christmas approached, the woodcutter would naturally cut down the finest tree in the forest and leave it as a gift outside the old man’s cottage. The old man’s children would find it and they would be delighted because they’d never had a Christmas tree before but, unfortunately, the tree would be too big to fit in the house. (This is something that always happens to us and we end up cutting off a bit at the top and a bit at the bottom but that wouldn’t make an interesting story or an interesting quilt!) So the children decide the only solution is to put the tree on the roof.

Since they’ve never had a Christmas tree before, they don’t have a star to put on top so the boy gets a ladder and rests it against the moon and climbs up to get one from the sky.

…and throws it down to his sisters.







The background fabrics are from the Collage line by Carrie Bloomston for Windham fabrics and I especially like the way the coloured dots are the same across the two colourways. Apart from that, I’ve used scraps. I machine quilted the background and house in straight lines and hand quilted the roof and snowy ground, which have a double layer of hobbs fusible wadding. This gives good texture but I don’t recommend it! I stitched the children’s hair with anchor stranded embroidery floss.


I am entering this piece in the Wall Hanging category, although, for the moment it is hanging across some internal french doors. It measures 23″ X 43′” and has a hanging strip across the top on the back.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

33 thoughts on “Bloggers Quilt Festival – Magical Midwinter Quilt (the words edition)

  1. nerospost

    Wow Janine! I missed your post with this quilt and I'm so happy to see it now! It's fantastic! I love your story on this quilt and it's made so beautifully! Absolutely my favourite! x Teje


  2. Karen

    Janine your work is exquisite ! I love the story, the fabric, the applique and the quilting. Also just love old man in the sea! Just love the festival — it's so inspiring to see so much beautiful work!.. Thanks for sharing. Karen


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