About Time – A Story


Here, at last, is my Summer Stitching book. First the story, then some notes.

* * * * * * *







A story’s worth of stitching and suchlike.


A house with roots is a home.


To knit against cold in the wintertime.


To tend the good earth during swallow time.


And day follows day and the years roll on and all goes well. And yet…


Don’t you remember when we were young and nothing was impossible?


But now there is no time.


There is no time – like the present!


In the present, of course, you will find an Adventure! And there’s no time to lose so snatch up your fabrics, threads, yarns, pen – whatever you have to hand…

IMG_3569 2

Keep to the road and follow wherever it leads step after step, word after word, stitch after stitch.


Not the end – time to embark on a new adventure…


* * * * * * *


For the pages in this book I used a selection of utility fabrics interlined with with Vilene Fusible Low Loft Fleece. For the cover I also used a layer of hobbs wadding.

For the stitching, I used a wide variety of stranded embroidery threads (including Anchor, DMC and unbranded) and ordinary sewing threads (including Guterman, Vintage Silko and unbranded).

I also used a wide selection of new and vintage fabric scraps, lace, tapes, yarn, buttons and notions.

For the transfers I used Lesley Riley’s Tap Transfer Paper and the transfer pictures are public domain images from The Graphics Fairy.

I gave myself two rules – 1. No frogging and 2. Using only materials that I had already.

It has been an interesting experiment, which I’ve enjoyed. It has given me lots of stitching practice and ideas for future projects :)


Janine @ Rainbow Hare


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About Time – Finished at last!


At last I have finished my Summer Stitching book and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s about time! The whole thing has been very experimental and I gave myself a no frogging rule so it’s a million miles from perfect but I’m very, very happy with how it has turned out and even more so with the fact that I’ve really made a book, which is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time


We are, currently, in the middle of having some ceilings taken down and re-plastered so our house is full of dust and, outside, gales are blowing so proper photos of this book will have to wait for another post but I’m sharing a few photos now as this was my One Monthly Goal and I would like to link it up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal – November Finish Link-up

Also, although I have been stitching the pages since about May, this was the month when I finally turned the whole thing into a book and, having finally accomplished my dream of becoming a bookmaker, I am linking up with Fiona at Celtic Thistle Stitches for New to Me!


Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

The Greatest Show on Earth!

Welcome to Rainbow Hare!

Today, for one post only, I would like to introduce to you: The Greatest Show on Earth!

I will speak of no circuses, no smoke and mirrors, no conjurer’s tricks (and absolutely no animation!).

Today, I would like to share with you the Awe, the Wonder, the Amazement, the MAGIC of ‘Light in the Darkness’.

Before we go any further, I should mention that this is not The Greatest Show on Earth. This is just a little piece of Quilt Theatre and it is my tribute to The Greatest Show on Earth – and my offering for today’s Four in Art reveal. Our theme for this year is ‘Light’ and the sub-theme for this quarter is ‘Light in the darkness’. Our aim, as always, is: “…to break out of the usual gridded experience and try a new concept, free of structure or preconception, moving the boundaries of our own skills forward in both concept and technique”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 22.12.25

If you will bear with this eccentricity (for one post only), I will show this quilt as a slideshow as that seems to me to be the easiest way of displaying it (You may have to visit my actual post to see the slideshow as I don’t think it will show up in an email) and then share the inspiration behind this piece.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The photo above is meant to show how I made flaps on the quilt and folded them over to reveal the pictures but it doesn’t do that very well :(

This quilt was inspired by Black Light Theatre, which I first encountered on a trip to Prague, where I had the wonderfully good fortune of seeing the The Wow Show. The person I was with thought it looked silly and was just something for children so, for the first time in my life, I went to the theatre by myself. When I say ‘theatre’, it was a shabby old building with peeling paint that reminded me of your average village hall and, as I sat waiting for it to begin, I did wonder if it really was going to be as good as I’d hoped. Then we were plunged into the darkest of darkness and it began and all at once we were transported into another world. A parallel universe of wondrous, beautiful, bizarre and delightful scenes where any expectation was simultaneously surpassed and confounded. Where expectation itself became obsolete, being too much rooted in ordinary, mundane, everyday things.

And, unlike most ‘magic tricks’, which make us gasp in amazement but become entirely ordinary when we learn how they were done, I found knowing that the whole effect was caused by a particular way of costuming dancers and lighting the performance made the whole thing even more incredible! One day, I would love to see Aspects of Alice…Here is a clip.

I hope you have enjoyed these clips. If you have yet to experience Black Light Theatre in real life, I must tell tell you that wonderful as they are, they are the merest shadow of seeing this extraordinary art form live and, should you ever visit Prague (or anywhere else with similar performances) I would entreat you to visit and I’m quite sure you won’t be disappointed :D

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare