A few of my favourite things…


It’s time for this year’s Whims and Fancies Trunk Show

Online Quilt Trunk Show | Whims And Fancies

…and I decided I would share a few of my favourite things that I’ve made – a selection of my small quilts/wall hangings. I am always a bit daunted by the term ‘Art Quilt’ and, as my little quilts tend to be very much inspired by stories, I think of them more as fabric illustrations. The quilt above is called ‘Sasanka: Marked with the Hare’ and in its original post you can find out why the Hare in the Moon is an important figure in the ancient stories of India, China, Africa and the Celts.


This next one is “An Old Man and the Sea’. I first introduced him in the post ‘I Saw a Fish!’ His main claim to fame is that he was featured in Home Maker Magazine! His story, such as it is, can be found in the post of the quilt below, ‘Magical Midwinter Quilt: The Words Edition’.


This next quilt, ‘Corn Goddess’ still lives in my kitchen by the clock and was inspired by the story of Demeter and Persephone.


And, finally, this recent quilt is a sort of illustration of  Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music, which I made in response to a challenge theme of Colour + Music. A post, which, hopefully, makes more sense of the various items in the picture can be found here.


I hope you will join Soma’s Trunk Show and visit the other entries. You can also link up knitting and there are lots of fabulous prizes :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

32 thoughts on “A few of my favourite things…

  1. jesh stg

    Love these little quilts, especially the fisherman – he cracks me up! Thanks for visiting me:) You’re actually the first knitter on wordpress I know of. How did you find me?


  2. louise hornor

    These are marvelous pieces! I think the Old Man and the Sea is my favorite, but each one is just great. I’m going to sign up to follow both of your blogs via email. I’m so glad you found my blog so I could find yours :)


  3. Kim Sharman

    How I love revisiting your beautiful quilts one again. All are beautifully imaginative….terribly clever. I could look at “Old Man and the Sea” forever and Magical Midwinter is beautifully whimsical…..but then all your lovely quilts are. What a delight to lift open the lid of your quilt-filled trunk, Janine!


  4. Carol

    OMGosh!! I don’t think I have seen most of these. I really want to give this type of Art Quilt…yes ART..a try. I won’t say which one I like the best. I LOVE you hand stitching and the movement you achieve with it.
    xx, Carol


  5. Janinemarie

    Well, I think they are art in all their whimsy. What a wonderful collection! I am particularly drawn to the Do Re Mi quilt because of all the warm memories it triggers (first movie I ever saw), but also because of the exquisite details and interpretation of the song.


  6. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    I think you already know how much I admire your work!! It’s great see my favourites all in one post. I think it was “An Old Man and the Sea” that made me contact you after seeing it on Flickr. I have always loved the continuation of that story in Magical Midwinter quilt :)

    Thank you so much for linking up on Trunk Full Of Quilts!
    -Soma xx


  7. Deb

    What great portraits you have created with fabric. your quilting stitches just bring so much life to your beautiful pieces. The man in the boat is my favorite I think… but it is so hard to choose!


  8. Paula Budinger

    You have such a gift for bringing stories to life. My favorites are Demeter, which so typifies the Corn Godess, and Do,re,mi. Your embellishment is whimsical and gives such life to the picture. I’m going to follow you to see more. Yosemite views are serene and lovely. We went there many times, great memories.


  9. Paula Budinger

    I like your Demeter, a sweet interpretation of the Corn Godess. So graceful. I love Do,re,mi with all the embellishments and humor. I’m going to follow your blog to see what else you come up with. Btw, Yosemite photos bring back so many memories.


  10. Sandra :)

    I don’t think I’ve seen most of these before – they’re adorable! And whimsical :) An Old Man and the Sea is my favourite, I think – the variegated hand stitching on the water is so soothing :)


  11. Kaja

    You have a really distinctive style (I love the definition of fabric illustration, which fits them perfectly) and all of these are properly fantastic! So nice to seem all together when they make such a coherent group.


  12. TextileRanger

    I love your Sound of Music quilt! What a lovely way to entice the viewer to stay and look as they accompany the parts of your illustration with the timing of the song! It is so difficult to evoke another sense along with the visual but you have done that beautifully here.
    And I love the Magical Midwinter quilt — the colored dots as snowflakes, and then the dots echoed in everyone’s clothes — I do feel like I am standing outside for a moment looking at freshly falling snow.


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