Four in Art, May. Colour + Music

Happy Beltane, May Day or what you will :)

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‘Today is the second reveal day for Four in Art  – an Art Quilt Group, which I am very happy to have joined this year and which aims to:“…to break out of the usual gridded experience and try a new concept, free of structure or preconception, moving the boundaries of our own skills forward in both concept and technique”

Our theme for this year is Colour and the sub-theme for this quarter is Music. My oldest son, Adrian, is a professional singer and also the director of a record company (Convivium Records) so I do a lot music themed sewing and, for this challenge, I wanted to make something that was identifiably ‘about’ music but  completely unlike anything I’d made before.

[some previous music themed sewing]

I decided on a single line of music with seven notes, which eventually led me to making a sort of illustration of Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music.


My Mum was a big Rogers and Hammerstein fan and we grew up listing to Musicals on LPs played on an old record player that we were never allowed to touch! I could sing all the songs before before I went to school and I wanted to try to capture the spirit of running about listening to music and singing just for fun.

[Do, Re, Me, Fa]

[So, La, Te]

The biggest challenge was all the detail and embellishment. Although I mainly used applique and simple hand stitching, I’ve not attempted this level of detail before and I had mixed results. In February, I resolved I would start this quarter’s quilt sooner. I did that and, despite leaving a long break in the middle I actually finished it a week ago but I still ended up taking the photos yesterday and writing this post this morning!

For August, I think I will make something smaller and take the pictures before rolling it up for weeks!

[Do Re Mi from The Sound of Music accessed here]

Please visit my fellow members of Four-in-Art to see the quilts they have made for this challenge:
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

21 thoughts on “Four in Art, May. Colour + Music

  1. Elizabeth E.

    I started figuring out pretty quickly that the figures on the quilt were representations of the do-re-mi scale, but got stumped so I’m glad you added clarification. This is amazing! I am smiling as I look at the detail: the braid, the hare, the teapot and cup of tea, the sun–it is all so wonderful. I am so impressed with how you thought it all up and then executed it in such a delightful way. Super job! I love this little quilt—


  2. Nancy

    This is just wonderful. The details are great. Where will you hang it? I would be thrilled to see it every day. Congratulations on a magnificent piece.


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  4. Rachel

    This is just a divine little quilt. The detail is fabulous and amazing. I can see why you started early! The pictorial representation of a song is a wonderful idea, especially such a universally known song. I really feel joy coming from this little quilt. Wonderful work!


  5. Kim Sharman

    What a delightfully, inspired little quilt. I am in love with all the whimsical details. I am sitting here singing (just as well there is no-one about) Do Re Me! So many clever and imaginative touches…, love, love the cute hare.


  6. soma @

    I am so glad to see you join the Four In Art group. It’s beautiful, Janine, and I love all the details you added to the piece. As I scrolled up to see the photos one more time, I noticed that you hand quilted it too. Amazing :)



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  8. Betty Ayers

    Janine, this is just spectacular! Your detail work is perfect and at first glance fell in love with the fun of the piece (May 1, yep, I just realized I saw pics – was out of town – but didn’t drill down to the stories behind). Everything about this is perfect and just a visual treat!


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  10. Marion

    Oh WOW ! Utterly brilliant ! I enlarged every photo to look more closely. Such a lovely Deer and the shoes and and ….all of it is so lovely Janine. Marion


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