Sew Slow

Since Friday, I’ve only managed to put together four centres for my Scrappy? Sew Be It! bee blocks, which I mentioned in last week’s WIP post.

I’m hoping to end up with 36 blocks like this –

And I’m thinking I’ll get a selection of the stars onto the foundation paper and then do all their spidersweb strings in a batch but if my sewing goes any slower I’ll stop! Thank goodness I have some bee friends to help me!

I’ve noticed I’m not the only person in blogland who is having a quiet week. Perhaps it’s just a busy time of year for everyone…

I did have one finish this week, though, and a fabulous one too – my Free Two Bee Friday Finish! I’m still amazed at the wonderful additions my bee mates made to this quilt!

34″ x 47.5″
How has your sewing been? Are you rattling through your UFOs or enjoying the lovely weather (at least in the UK for once!) or just busy with other things?
Wishing you a happy week whatever you’re doing,
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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11 thoughts on “Sew Slow

  1. Susan Owenby

    You know I'm stuck in tech world trying to figure out my blog. I told myself today I wasn't going to worry with it and get my craft on, but I just can't stand the site in the state it is in! Guess I will have to keep plugging away!


  2. Vicki

    I haven't slowed down, just sewing some items other than quilts! Learning new things is so much fun. I just started my QAL Swoon quilt! Love your start blocks!


  3. Catrin Lewis

    Those stars are going to make a beautiful quilt. I'm not managing to get any sewing done this week – partly due to the weather and partly because I want to catch up with my blog posts I have so much to say!


  4. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    the stars will look great, and its lovely to sew the sewing machine quilt again. im hardly sewing- it seems to be family and friends month combined with the busiest month at school! just 7 more alarm clock mornings!!!!



    I'm loving those stars, I may have to have a go at those.

    I have finally managed to finish my sisters cushion covers… yay!!! I've now moved onto making my friends wedding gift quilt and after much to'ing and fro'ing I've finally made a decision on the pattern and I think it's going to be lovely… not quite ready to share it just yet as still not 100% certain (even though a lot of it's been cut up.. gulp!!)


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