Slow WIP

I have very little WIP to report this week. Today, at last, I’ve made a little progress on my bee blocks. I hope this gives an idea of what I’m hoping my Scrappy? Sew Be It! quilt will look like…
Otherwise, sadly, no sewing!
My new job plan of doing three twelve hour shifts to give four sewing days a week isn’t going well.
Spending five days last week helping at a charity event exacerbated this but it seems that during daytime hours there’s always something that needs to be done. I think I got along better when I had normal working hours and sewed into the night…
How do you manage your time to fit in sewing? Better than me, I hope!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare
I’m linking this post with Lee at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday

22 thoughts on “Slow WIP

  1. Celtic Thistle

    Your blocks are looking great Janine, there are always so many demands upon time that fitting sewing in is always a challenge. I am impressed that you even considered 12 hour sewing days :)


  2. Elizabeth

    I love the look of these blocks! Are you using the Missouri Star Quilt Company technique? I just watched Jenny Doan's video on this exact block today!

    On how I fit sewing in? Not very well lately. Moving, vacation, and caring for my 1-year-old grandson kept me hopping this summer. Hopefully now, during my month-long break from babysitting, I'll get more done. Mostly at night–the night owl forgets to look at the clock and just keeps going.

    Great stuff! Visiting through your WIP Wednesday link at Freshly Pieced.


  3. Erin @ Missy Mac Creations

    Love those blocks! What a gorgeous quilt that is going to be.

    Somedays I fit my sewing in better than others. It all depends on what's going on around me and what I feel like. I guess I've just learnt not to beat myself up about it. Sewing is supposed to be fun not a must-do chore.


  4. Susan Owenby

    I love it! It's going to be lovely.

    I just fit it in where I can, even if it is only 15 minutes. Sometimes I go days without even walking in the room and it makes me sad!


  5. snips

    These are gorgeous! As for getting sewing in, i'm lucky that i get to stay home with my boys, but that in itself is a full time job! I set my machine up in the kitchen, that way i can keep an eye on them and get some work done as well!
    Can't wait to see these blocks finish up!!



    They're looking gorgeous. I'm quite lucky in some ways that I am single with no kids, so I pretty much always have time to sew. If I go away I generally take some embroidery or some paper piecing, though this last weekend I didn't, but I was with lots of family.


  7. Mareenchen

    Love the blocks. My sewing is severely limited due to my intern as well. Very much weekends only and you know what those are like during summer – spent with friends out and about a lot. And there's my tiny nephew – time just flies by when there's a wee person around and you don't even notice until six hours later… But hey, we *are* getting things done. Slowly but steadily. Chin up! :)


  8. Soma Acharya

    They look stunning, Janine! It takes me a significant amount of time to get used to any new schedule. I have realized getting things done little at a time is much more fun and less frustrating. Intricate blocks such as yours with good craftsmanship also take more time to make. So don't feel bad about accomplishing less. You are doing a great job of accomplishing steadily and well :)



  9. Anna

    I have trouble with that, too. Some days I have huge plans… but then work absolutely kicks my butt and I don't feel like doing anything but laying on the couch and watching TV when I get home. :/ Lately I've been trying to find more balance- working on sewing for a little while, spending a little time keeping up with housework, spending a little time reading. That way more stuff gets done throughout the week but I don't feel overwhelmed all on one day. It's going okay, but there are still just some days I'm too tired after work!

    12 hour days sound brutal, though. Kudos to you!


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