Something New

It seems that each Wednesday, when I look at my WIP, I have less and less to show for a week’s sewing!


Here’s my WIP report for this week:

No progress:
Unicorn Stars Quilt
Flora Quilt



This week’s stats:
Completed projects – 1
New projects – 1
Currently in progress – 2


This Drunkard’s Path mini is all I have to show for this week.

I decided to make it because I came across TNT Thursday recently and I thought (this is TTT as well!) it was a great idea. I usually aim to try something new each time I quilt, which hasn’t been too hard for me so far because I’m quite a newbie at quilting and not particularly prolific. I like to work like like this because it’s a good learning curve and gives me an excuse for not being perfect – who expects to make something perfect on their first attempt! Perhaps the longer I go on the harder it will be to find new things. Or perhaps, if I go on forever there will be always more to learn – I hope so. The drunkards path mini was my first attempt at drunkard’s path blocks (and first curves except my Christmas table runner swap). It was also the first time I tried hand quilting solely for texture, rather than a sort of embroidery. I used a fairly random all-over running stitch and I found the coloured segments ended up a bit bulgy although they had started flat before the quilting…I still have a lot to discover before I can quilt with intent, rather than just stitching and seeing what happens.

(detail – added in response to Benta’s comment)

What have you been thinking about this week? Have you tried something new?



29 thoughts on “Something New

  1. Katie says:

    I love this, Janine! Great hand quilting and use of colors. I also try to learn something new with each project, though I don't think I always succeed at that.


  2. Fiona @findingfifth says:

    Well done on an eye-catching mini quilt. I have not done curves yet…but for something new and different I learned to sew a zip for the first time this weekend. Thanks for posting at TGIFF…nice to link up with you.


  3. Patti says:

    Your mini is fantastic, Janine. I didn't even realize it was a DP until you said! Your colours are always so bright, cheerful and eye-catching. I couldn't see the hand quilting very well, but it looks great.


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