Textural Peeks


Happy New Year! Without going into a great deal of dull information, the past couple of months have not been so amenable to making as I would have hoped, owing mainly to some major redecoration done at great speed to be ready for Christmas guests staying. And with the happy intermission of Christmas, so it continues!


That door, alas, is the Makery taped shut :( Mercifully, though, the ceiling is being replaced under an insurance claim – who knew a leaking radiator pipe under the floorboards could cause such a palaver! – so someone else is filling the house with dust today. Next week we are expecting more guests…

So a quilt for the Endeavourers Reveal on the 1st February has become a rather urgent matter. And that somewhat puts my blog on hold because I can’t make anything else until I finish that and I can’t say too much about that because it’s a secret until the reveal.

So here are just some small peeks. The theme is ‘Texture’ and, having failed to come up with a plan these past two months, I started by stitching together some offcuts from previous quilts to use as base.


Then I took my favourite piece of embroidered linen (which came long ago in a scrap bag) and tried some honeycomb smocking, which gave me an inkling of what to do next.

And I tried some silk ruching and twisted pleats…

And I gathered a selection of scraps and offcuts of fabrics with different textures…

And the rest, I’m afraid, must wait for the Reveal but I think I will get it finished and it’s going along merrily at the minute – touch wood.

I hope the year is treating you kindly so far and that we will all have much making to share in 2019 :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare



Currently, I’m a prisoner in the garden where I seem destined to live out the rest of my days and late into the evenings weeding and weeding and weeding….So much time to dream up exciting new sewing projects – and so little time to sew…

I will be back when it rains!

I hope you are finding more agreeable ways to spend these lovely May days,

Janine @ Rainbow Hare