Currently, I’m a prisoner in the garden where I seem destined to live out the rest of my days and late into the evenings weeding and weeding and weeding….So much time to dream up exciting new sewing projects – and so little time to sew…

I will be back when it rains!

I hope you are finding more agreeable ways to spend these lovely May days,

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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  1. Megan

    Oh good luck… I am in the same boat. Pruning seaside daisy and all the herbaceous things before winter, I am crippled. I feel for you. I’m looking forward to rain too… but it never rains here in Australia. Hopefully we are at least staying fit and becoming more flexible…?!

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  2. sigridkatkatkatoen

    But the garden is also wonderful. It’s like the saying that I once heard: ‘God invented rainy days, so the gardener could get some rest’. Soon it will be over and then there’s plenty time to crochet or knit!

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  3. Carol DeLater

    Oh geez. We are having continual rain…for days. I have taken to going out in the breaks between drops to pull what I can. it grows faster than I can pull. I’ll be inside today, enjoying myself with the vacuum cleaner and toilet brush.
    xx, Carol

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  4. Sharmayne

    The garden is important as well so keep going with it while you can …… as you can see I’m just catching up on posts now ……. enjoying the new house


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