Everything Stops for Tea

The first very exciting thing that happened this week was that my younger daughter, who has been in New Zealand for a year, came home. Of course, that called for tea and cake!

The second was that we hosted a Vintage Afternoon Tea Hen Party for my elder daughter and that, of course, called for a very great deal of tea and cakes and scones and sandwiches (in reverse order).

Now Rainbow Hare will be reverting back from a bakery to a Makery.

Wherever you are, I wish you plenty of tea and cake :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

10 thoughts on “Everything Stops for Tea

  1. Flashinscissors

    It must have been lovely for you, having your daughter home!
    The tea party looks amazing, all those little details must have taken ages to prepare.
    Well done Janine!
    The cake looks scrummylicious!
    Barbara xx


  2. Maureen

    Wow, Janine! That tea party set-up looks like something you would find at the Ritz! Gorgeous. I guess double congrats are in order about your daughters with one coming and one going. Fun times.


  3. Carol DeLater

    WONDERFUL!!! We used to have a tea room in a city near me. My friends would gather there about once a month and enjoy the tea, cakes and atmosphere. It was in a historical building in the small down town.. Will we ever get back to such gracious gatherings? There never seems to have enough time.
    xx, Carol


  4. Kim Sharman

    Oh, how delectable everything looks….the table, the tablecloth and linen, the decorations, the tea cups and china, the food….oh, that room…..perfect for a special celebration. The perfect setting for a vintage afternoon tea hen party. ‘She’ not only makes but ‘she’ bakes too. =) Here’s to more tea and cake. Congratulations to your eldest daughter and how fabulous your daughter is back from doctoring in far away lands.


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