Edited to add: We are delighted to have had such an enthusiastic response but we’re sorry to have to say this group is now full.


* * * * * * *

Would you be interested in joining a new Art Quilt group?

Sadly, the Four in Art quilt group will close after the next reveal (November 1st 2017) as members move on to new things, but Catherine, who blogs at Knotted Cotton and I are starting anew.

* * * * * * *

Our group will be called ‘The Endeavourers’ (from ‘Endeavour’: try, attempt, venture, undertake, aspire, aim, seek) as this embodies the spirit with which we hope to approach our quilts.

We are looking for members who would really like the opportunity to take part in a quarterly challenge to make a quilt of any size according to a general theme chosen at the beginning of the quarter (we’ll either select it randomly from suggestions, or take turns to suggest it) .

You can work in any style suggested to you by the theme, but once in a while, we thought it would also be fun to throw a particular technique into the mix as an incentive to be adventurous.

We would like members to post about their progress and thoughts on their blogs (and any other social media), and on the shared group blog we will create, keeping the finished quilts for a shared ‘reveal’ on 1st February, 1st May, 1st August and 1st November where we can also talk about our own inspiration for our quilts.

We will publish the first theme on November 1st 2017 and our first reveal date will be on February 1st 2018.

We would ask for a commitment to one year to start with so we can get off to a good start.

* * * * * * *

Our mission statement is:

  • to share enthusiasm
  • to share inspiration and ideas, and document our progress and process
  • to challenge ourselves to move outside our comfort zones (for example by working with new colours, fabrics, materials or techniques).
  • to develop our own styles and practices
  • to encourage each other in all of the above
  • to boldly go where no quilter has gone before (not really)

* * * * * * *

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself to be an accomplished quilter or an artist. If you share the aims in our Mission Statement and would like to join, please do contact us by commenting below! We hope to have a group set up by 15 October in order to sort out all the final details by the end of the month. You can see the quilts Catherine and I have made for Four in Art by clicking here and here.

We’d love to hear from you!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

(The Scissor Image is from The Graphics Fairy)

10 thoughts on “BECOME AN ENDEAVOURER!

  1. Carol

    I think I’ll try this. I’m not too good with deadlines when it comes to sewing. But I look forward to the nudge this group would give me. You had me at “any size” lol.


  2. Barbara

    Ah, like Carol, it was a word or two that grabbed me. In my case, it was “quarterly”! I’m not certain of signing up yet. I have a special circumstance, and need an email from one of you to ask a couple questions. It sounds great, hope I can go forward with you. We will see.


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