Back soon…

Hello, and thank you for visiting – especially if I owe you an email or haven’t visited your blog lately. Unfortunately, the new router did not solve our internet issues so this is a quick post from somewhere else to say that we have been assured it really will be sorted at the beginning of this coming week. So today’s Wool on Sunday and normal transmission will, fingers crossed, be back soon. In the meantime I wish you a very happy Sunday :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

a short intermission

Apologies for yet another missed Wool on Sundays :(
I hope everyone enjoyed Midsummer. 
Although the days are shortening and we are heading towards Winter, the best of the sunshine and the bounty of the year is yet to come – hopefully, on Rainbow Hare as well as in the garden…
I hope normal service will resume here very Soon!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare