Back soon…

Hello, and thank you for visiting – especially if I owe you an email or haven’t visited your blog lately. Unfortunately, the new router did not solve our internet issues so this is a quick post from somewhere else to say that we have been assured it really will be sorted at the beginning of this coming week. So today’s Wool on Sunday and normal transmission will, fingers crossed, be back soon. In the meantime I wish you a very happy Sunday :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “Back soon…

  1. Sandra :)

    Good luck with your internet woes, Janine – ouch! I did have a lovely Sunday though – spring has arrived (although we could still get some snow … but I hope we don’t :D) – both of our kids came over to go to a meeting with their dad, then they came back here for lunch :) They took home all the leftovers for their work lunches tomorrow – I’d say that’s a sign that what I made, went over quite well :) I also got to see my neighbour – over the winter we didn’t see much of each other because of the cold weather, and because she’s been busy working, so it was nice to sit on my front porch bench and chit chat with her over our shared fence! I’m still smiling from my wonderful visits today so it was a mighty fine Sunday for me!


  2. Carol

    Thank you for the most WONDERFUL picture! We had a power outage one morning this month. No TV, Internet or Land Line Phone. We like to THINK we can do without all that, but the truth is it really put us off our “non-schedule”. Couldn’t even open the garage door to go away, lol. Well, we COULD, but it would have been a hassle.

    Hope you get back to normal transmission soon.
    xx, Carol


  3. Celtic Thistle Stitches

    Oh dear Janine, technology is wonderful when it works but a complete pain in the neck ( and other places!) when it doesn’t :) Hope your internet woes are resolved soon.

    We had Sunday Morning breakfast with our eldest son, drove to North London to watch Glasgow Warriors rugby team being (sadly) beaten by Saracens in glorious sunshine and a fantastic atmosphere. Then drove up to Leeds to have dinner with our youngest son and his girlfriend. So we had a (mostly) very enjoyable day :)


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