Welcome to MAKING CHRISTMAS, 2013, WEEK 9.

Thank you, again, to everyone who is joining in and linking up with Making Christmas. Un-thank you to Mr Internet Connection who doesn’t want me to blog today! The good news is that it’s only just over two weeks until Christmas. The bad news is that’s only 17 sewing days! Is anyone else starting to panic about finishing up their list? Going by the Pinterest board, everyone is making wonderful progress with their makes but I think I’m going to have to start prioritizing ruthlessly and save some of the projects on my wishlist for next year. Here are a couple of things that caught my eye this week. Clicking on the pictures will take you to the right blog post:

This week MAKING CHRISTMAS is being hosted by the lovely LUCY from Charm About You. I’m sure you must know Lucy already. She makes beautiful quilts and she usually has lovely stitching projects on the go too and her posts are always fun. Today Lucy has a some gorgeous patterns to share, which I’m sure you’ll want to stitch :) Whilst you’re there, as usual, don’t forget to link up with your updated lists and your makes. Every time you link up you’ll get another entry for the randomly drawn prize and I’m only pinning to the Pinterest board from posts that have linked up :)
I don’t have any finishes this week. I have some commissions – two pairs of mittens and a jewellery roll and I’ve started a quick quilt top to free up some fabric for cushion covers but I’ve been taking one glove forward and two gloves backwards. More haste, less speed perhaps…

So here is my updated list with new additions but no new finishes:


Crow ornaments for Halloween – 3 FINISHED
Finish felt bird and heart decorations
Rainbow Hare Rolls – 4 FINISHED
Pouches – 5 FINISHED
Cushion Covers – 2 FINISHED
Something to be decided with my son’s logo on
Knitted Scarf – FINISHED
Knitted Shawlette – started and undone… and re-started
Wall Quilt – added FINISHED
Secret Gift – added FINISHED
Tea Towels – added 4 FINISHED
Felted knitting mittens – added 2 PAIRS FINISHED
Winter Doll- added FINISHED
Birthday Gift – added FINISHED

Mittens – added started
Quilt – added started

See you at Charm About You

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “MAKING CHRISTMAS, 2013. Week 9

  1. joanne

    I love the one glove forward, two gloves backwards!! I feel like it's been like that in my house, I'm making a lot of mess, but not much to show for it!!
    Hope the internet stops playing up!


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