The Leap List

Happy Leap Day!

This morning, Mrs Hare popped in for a cup of tea. For the past couple of weeks, she has been staying with her friend, Jessica, who lives somewhere down the lane by the river and I’ve been worrying that they might get flooded so I was very glad to see her looking so dry and well.

She was wearing a lovely new coat and, with her colourful crochet scarf, she was a welcome ray of Springtime in our chilly kitchen, with the wind whistling round the house and the rain beating ferociously against the windows.

I found some biscuits and poured the tea and I was just settling comfortably for a catch up chat and wondering whether to light the fire when she surprised me by saying, “I’m afraid I won’t be stopping for long today. I’m off to the Leaping”.

“Today?” I asked, “I thought the month of March was the Leaping Season”.

“Ah! generally it is,” she replied, “But in a Leap Year it starts on 29th February, of course”.

Of course! If there’s one thing my experience of Hare Lore has taught me, it is that what generally happens almost never actually happens.

“It’s a shame I can’t take Poppy”, she continued, “But some of the others would be terrified”.

And it was a shame. Poppy, too, loves to leap. She and Mrs Hare are such kindred spirits. They like nothing more than being outside, tearing around the countryside in all weathers…but, quite understandably, the other hares would be terrified.

There was a long pause, during which they both looked so disappointed, it seemed like a good time to change the subject.

“Once I wrote a blog post called Leap in Colour, I said.

“Did it work?”


“I’ll have a look?” She offered, already at the computer.

Mrs Hare scrutinised the post for what seemed like a very long time. And I poured more tea, feeling very awkward and wishing I’d never mentioned it.

When she came back, she sat down and nibbled another biscuit, thoughtfully. “I think it probably did work”, she said at last. “It just didn’t work quite how you expected. Going by the crochet and all those art quilts on your blog, I’d say you did leap in colour. When you take a good leap, you never know exactly where you’re going to land up – that’s the fun of it!”

She poured a third cup of tea and went on, “and, when you make a Leap List, if you want to become a shop, generally you would say you are going leap into shop keeping or somesuch…and, of course, you wouldn’t generally write a Leap List in September.”

“But what exactly is a Leap List?” I asked.

“Oh,” she said, casually, “I thought you knew. It’s something like your blog post. You write down what you are going to do and then you leap into it. Once you’ve started, it’s good to keep it up on the same day every month for a year. It helps keep the momentum going and sometimes you might decide to change direction and leap somewhere a bit different”.

“Thank you”, I said, “and when, generally, should you write one?”

“Ah! generally it is in March,” she replied, “But in a Leap Year it’s best to do it on 29th February, of course”.

Suddenly, she glanced at the clock and Sprang out of her seat. “I’ll be late if I don’t get a shift on”, she said.

And before I could say so much as ‘goodbye’ she was out of the door and leaping away across the fields.

So, this year, I have decided (being somewhat on the spot and feeling I’ve not really had sufficient time to think about it) to Leap into being more orderly. Not, that I’m disorderly as such. It’s just that I am recoiling from pledging to be ‘organised’ and I’m in want of a similar result…

Here is my Leap List for the coming month and on March 29th I will update.

LEAP LIST For March 2020


  1. I am going to give my blog a bit of a makeover (already begun but I need to get to grips with this new theme).
  2. Get back to blogging at least twice a month.
  3. Get back blog visiting regularly and reply to emails in a timely fashion.
  4. Change Wool on Sundays from a Linky Party but keep the series for personal yarn posts and blog on Sundays if I happen have any woolly making to share that week.


  1. sort out the Makery (which still doesn’t have the sewing machine in since Christmas!)
  2. Make a duvet cover.


  1. As and when possible, get started on seed planting etc.


  1. A commissioned pair of curtains.
  2. A commissioned wedding gift.
  3. Knitted bear.


  1. Nothing this month.

I hope you have a lovely day, whatever the weather, and I wish you good fortune wherever you Leap!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

7 thoughts on “The Leap List

  1. Anonymous

    Your blog looks clean and fresh!! I just can’t think about switching mine up. It just takes me too darned long and for me I think it is wasting time. But that’s just me. I’d be open to it if someone else did it, lol. Maybe I should try a Leap List. It might be motivating. But I honestly think if the Sun would just come out and warm things up I’d be raring to go!
    xx, Carol


  2. Kim Sharman

    Mrs Hare looks mesmerising in her green coat and knitted scarf. Such a pity that Poppy could not go with her for a leap in the woods. I suppose a springer spaniel and the odd hare or two could be dangerous. I cannot believe your Poppy is always so clean. My Maisie……well she always looks dirty and she is always having a bad hair day….I just simply give up. Loving the new look of your blog, Janine. It is always a delight to visit you and read your whimsical stories. I am hoping your Leap List helps you leap through the year.


  3. Andrée G Faubert

    Hi Janine, that was quite entertaining. I don’t know much about hares and leap year but the idea of leaping into a list sounds like a good one. You can always choose one of the items on your list and link up to One Monthly Goal (OMG). It’s always a lot of fun and you don’t have to write a special post, just link up to your list and then to the post of the finished whatever! I agree that being more orderly sounds better than being organised! That is way over rated and way too hard :-)


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