A Quilt About A Blog

This is a quilt about a blog – my quilt for The Endeavourers quarterly challenge last November about this blog. The theme for the quarter was ‘Dreams’.

On waking, I rarely remember my dreams but I do day dream a lot – mostly about the things I’m going to make if I ever have time – so I evolved this quilt around the byline of my blog: Dream in Colour, Create in Fabric, Thread, Yarn, Words, Whatever you have to hand...

Of course, it includes a caravan because having people actually buy my Sewing Machine Cover pattern was a dream which did come true.

And the red and white polka dot fabric is also a nod to the Granny Square stories, which I dream of completing one day!

It also includes some techniques, like the section of gilded Orange Peel quilt and the painted trapunto hare and lettering, that I’ve been dreaming of making for ages…

…and some examples of things I’ve both dreamt of making and actually made (on the washing line). 

For the quilt, I printed photos of fabric and thread based makes onto fabric. Then I appliqued them.

. . .

. . .

. . .

. . .

But for yarn, on the quilt I decided to use actual wool to be representative of the endless yarn projects here.

. . .

. . .

For ‘Whatever you have to hand’, everything used in the quilt was found in or around the Makery, including the binding (which is upcycled from an old silk skirt) and a handkerchief hanging on the line. Below is a random assortment of photos, upcycled from around the blog!

After all that, it may surprise you to hear that this is not the quilt I dreamt of creating. The making of this quilt, by and large, did not go to plan. The printer fabric dulled the photo images, the sky paint bled into to flag during the night and the flag had to be re-shaped and embellished with lace in the morning. The applique is a bit clunky and the painted areas are very much in wont of a steadier hand.

Nevertheless, I feel it has captured the spirit of Rainbow Hare and it’s a cheery thing to have hung on the wall of the Makery so I’m very grateful to my fellow Endeavourers, without whom I should certainly never have attempted such a thing :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “A Quilt About A Blog

  1. Anonymous

    OMGosh. Your last statement floored me because this quilt is so YOU, your brand per se. It turned out great and is proof that your creative self controls the reins.
    xx, Carol


  2. Kim Sharman

    Your little quilt is unbelievably clever, Janine. It encapsulates everything that is you. Why I think it is perfect! Loved too, revisiting all your pretty makes through the years. I rather hanker after that pretty floral dress of yours. LOVE that fabric!


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