Wool on Sundays – 169 (Blankie Bear and the Yellow Jumper)

Welcome to Wool on Sundays!

Today, I have two finishes. But first a Wool on Sundays update.

When I began Wool on Sundays (the first post is here), Rainbow Hare was essentially a quilting blog – in fact, I think it was still called ‘Rainbow Hare Quilts’ in those days. I wasn’t expecting anyone to link up and neither in my wildest dreams did I think I would learn to crochet and create such an out pouring of yarn projects. For a while, though, it was surprisingly popular with several people linking up every week and Rainbow Hare really became more a yarn blog than a sewing one.

When I moved from blogger to WordPress, the links were lost and over time lots of my early blogging friends moved away to instagram but I merrily kept knitting on. But, after a long time, I found I wanted to spend crafting time working on more fabric based projects – cloth dolls, art quilts, embroidery…and it became something of a burden feeling I had to have some yarn work to show on Sundays.

For the last year (I think) I reduced from a weekly link up to a monthly one but, really, I think Wool on Sunday’s days as a linky party are over. So from now on, if I happen to have yarn posts, I will post them on Sundays but there will be no link up and it will no longer be a regular series. People, of course, will still be welcome to post links to any yarn posts they have in the comments.

Back to this week, the yellow knitting is now a jumper, pending only buttons, which I will decide on at a later date…

And I finished the latest knit project for the yet-to-born grandchild, which I have named the Blankie Bear!

He was entirely inspired by a fun crochet Teddy Bear Security Blanket I saw on Lovecrafts but I wanted to make a knitted garter stitch version so I used a Debbie Bliss pattern from an old magazine for his head, arms and feet and then improvised a cone for his body.

I hope you have a lovely week :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

8 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 169 (Blankie Bear and the Yellow Jumper)

  1. Kim Sharman

    Blankie Bear is adorable. He is going to be a much loved part of your grandchild’s life. Pretty little yellow jumper, too. I have a feeling there will be oodles of woolly posts from you in the very near future, Janine. I always loved linking up to your Wool on Sundays when I finally finished a woolly project, even though were only a few woollies to showcase. Our blogs change, don’t they as we wander along the bloggy path.


  2. Carol

    Cute Bear!! There are a lot of Link Parties around the web but I never think to link to any of them. Heck I can barely think about something to blog about. But I love the blogs. People post on FB. Their followers ask question that never get answered. So I’ll thank you here for continuing to blog. Our new baby will be here in just a week or so. I have not yet heard of a name being selected. I will wait until she is born to stitch for her.

    Be well,
    xx, Carol


  3. Benta

    The jumper is a lovely shape, and the bear is very cute! The baby will be very well supplied with “stuff” when s/he arrives!! I firmly believe we should enjoy what we are doing – quilting, knitting, crocheting, blogging … only for fun never a chore!


  4. Maureen

    Hi Janine! So dang cute. I don’t collect anything, but I do have eight teddy bears. Funny about blogging. I used to do it a lot more. Now it’s just quarterly when I post an Endeavourers quilt. If you look at the BlogsI Follow section of anyone”s blog, three quarters haven’t had a post since 2016. Huh… A little bit sad. Makes ya wonder where all these people have gone.


  5. Jayne Marti

    Gorgeous! The new baby will have so many lovely things. My granddaughters are growing so quickly, as they must do! Look forward to your woolly posts when you have some to share with us.


  6. Flashinscissors

    Hi Janine,
    I love that blankie bear, he’s just the cutest ever!
    Sorry to hear about the end of your Wool on Sundays!
    But I’ve enjoyed seeing all your quilt makes and look forward to seeing more of ‘em!
    Barbara xx


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