Leap in Colour?

I am very nearly at the Ta-da of the peg bag pattern – and I am very keen to get the Ta-da in soon or an entire year will have passed since I announced I was ‘in the process’ of making it.


And, whilst I was working on the pattern this week, I have been making a small batch to sell in my etsy shop. And all the hand sewing has given me ample time for pondering. (The pictures in this post are of things that just happen to be on the table).


And one of my ponderings was about the byline of my blog and etsy shop – ‘Dream in Colour’ etc…


And I pondered that for as long as I can remember (back in my pre-internet days), I dreamed of having a shop of of sorts. I used to make things with a plan to have a stall at a Christmas market but, having five young children at the time (not to mention the ever evolving menagerie) and being always in the process of renovating and restoring Victorian Houses, and, to boot, having a tendency to gift all my makes, I never managed to build up enough stock…


And I pondered that, now, etsy provides the perfect platform for a maker with only a few items and I dream of having my etsy shop all stocked up with beautiful makes…


And I pondered that I dream, often, of all sorts of things that one day I will make to fill up my shop…


And I pondered that perhaps ‘Dream in Colour’ etc isn’t the greatest byline on the point that it is all very well dreaming up all these things – making them, let alone selling them, is another matter altogether.


And then I thought, quite out of the blue:

To dream, perchance to leap…

And I was really quite surprised at that thought -‘Leap in Colour?’

How weird does that sound to you?


But the more I think about it, the more I think it has to be done. Not changing the byline – I think that would sound weird! – but taking a leap.

I think it is time to take a leap :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

11 thoughts on “Leap in Colour?

  1. Carol

    JUMP like my frogs!! I used to sell at Christmas Craft Shows and I LOVED it. Everything about it. But after a few years the public now longer flocked to the shows so I have it up. From experience, I can say one of the most important things about this process, for YOU, is to keep true to yourself and make what you love without giving a thought to making what you might think the public wants. OK, might not be how to say it. For me I had a battle of making what I thought would sell rather than what I loved. Now I make what I love and gift it to my favorite charity to sell…and they always do….and I am gratified. Now, go take your leap and LEAP HIGH!!
    xx, Carol

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  2. Kim Sharman

    Doesn’t sound weird to me at all. I love your new ‘Leap in Colour’ thought. You must do it! I don’t think you will need any luck at all, Janine. Your clever and beautiful designs and makes will be a hit. LoVe those dolly pegs dressed in all their trims. The first photo makes me smile…..actually, you make me smile!

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