Inside the Pumpkin

Happy Halloween, Samhain or what you will :)

Today I am showing the inside of my pumpkin. I’m sorry if you are hoping for something more witchy or ghostly.

You can see a rough step-by-step in pictures of how I made the pumpkin itself in my post Down the Rabbit Hole. I was shocked, when I looked back, to see I must have only started this in mid-late August because I thought it had been at least a year. I also thought anyone following my blog would have heard quite enough of it by now but I see I have only mentioned it three times so perhaps you won’t mind.

Despite my best endeavours, the floors are very uneven but I have furnished it mostly with job lots of already broken furniture from ebay so I didn’t feel too bad about breaking some of the legs and sticking bits of wood to the bottom to try to get things to stand as level as I could. I did feel bad, though, about bending some of the legs of the wire rack in the kitchen because that was new. If I use it somewhere else, I hope I can bend them back without breaking them.

I had many doubts about the arrangement of furniture (which was very much limited by the shape of the pumpkin) the rough finish and, especially, the pink furniture. That mainly came about because the dresser had some drawers missing so I removed the others and glued a piece of card over the bottom middle section.

Now it’s finished, though, I’m very happy with the way it’s all come together. I feel this is not the sort of character you could ever find in a shop bought model!

I hope you have a wonderful day with lots of treats and no tricks :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

10 thoughts on “Inside the Pumpkin

  1. piecefulwendy

    This is so cute, like a little hidden treasure to find by further exploring that pumpkin. I enjoyed looking at all the detail, too – those tiny dishes, and the afghan draped over the bed. So fun!


  2. Kim Sharman

    Janine, one would never find such whimsy, such creativity………such exquisiteness in a shop. I am in love with your pumpkin with the uneven floors, the unique pieces of furniture and all the bits and bobs that make your little pumpkin house sing. Why, after I have washed the dishes in that pretty sink at day’s end, I want to climb that ladder (albeit gingerly) and sink into the oh-so-comfy bed and sink under the warmth of the pretty knitted blanket. Janine….what can I say….I am in awe of your ingenious cleverness!


  3. benta hickley

    Wow! It looks great! I feel mine is just a dolls house with mostly bought miniatures but yours has real character – I would never have thought of looking for broken dolls house furniture on eBay😂


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  5. Archie The Wonder Dog

    I love this! The uneven floors are perfect, I think, and look much better than level floors would although I can imagine how much work it made for you with the furniture. You’ve definitely got a talent for making and storytelling, thank you for sharing it with us.


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