Down the rabbit hole…

Once, during strange times when weeks could merge into a single endless day and a month could pass in the blink of an eye, there was a blogger who fell down a rabbit hole.

It began with the very best of intentions. She thought she would quickly whip up some models to illustrate a little series of Granny Square stories that she began some years ago and she had high hopes that she would polish them off in next to no time.

Then, although she knew in her heart she really was a one-project-at-a-time-person, she started to work on three things at once:

A lighthouse, which is still in progress but has had some interior work done.

A Little Blue Shop, which came pretty much made but it still took forever to cut a hole to add a side window – not to mention the painting…

And a rather large papier mache pumpkin. The pictures show a step by step but there was an extra stage (not photographed) when bubble wrap segments were added in a questionable attempt to create a more pumpkiny shape. At least the monster managed to come out of it all unscathed!

And, at every stage, she wildly overestimated how much time she had for making such things. And she wildly underestimated how very long such things take to make. And there were endless logistical issues to work out…

But today she had a whole day of uninterruptedness for the first time in a good six months and she painted and painted and, suddenly, she thought to herself it really is all starting to come together. And she could almost imagine a time when her table would not be covered in paint pots and glue pots and little bits of paper and she might even sew something or knit again…

Hoping to be back with something more finished soon,

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

7 thoughts on “Down the rabbit hole…

  1. Anonymous

    OMGosh, I always wanted to do a miniature…something. Mostly I want to do a witch in her garden. I have all I need except…I was going to do that in a empty aquarium but I left it in Indiana. When we have the living room remodeled here and I have a place to display it away from tiny hands I’m sure I’ll start it. It’s a Bucket List thing if I HAD a bucket list.
    xx, Carol


  2. Benta

    Oh wow! How did I miss the lighthouse post? I found it very difficult to love my lighthouse (quilt) project but when it was finished it was ok, and my father was in tears when he received it so I took that as a good sign 😂. Yours is looking fab. I have been tempted with the dolls house kit (the girls have one each that came from my father) but I’m taking your advice and not getting one! I’m looking forward£ to seeing the space hopper project result !😂


  3. Kim Sharman

    You certainly have fallen down a rabbit hole where creativity abounds. I cannot wait to see how all your wild imaginings turn into wonderful wonderment.


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