The Leap List October/November 2020

Leap List time again and this time (for once) I’ve done pretty well :)

My list from last month is looking as follows:

1. I hope to have the paper mache pumpkin ready for a reveal on Halloween. This is the back of the pumpkin but it is ready for the reveal at the end of the month.

2. Here is The Little Blue Shop having a dress rehearsal but I will empty it out to do the inside window frame, repaint the floor, make a hole in the ceiling, make a roof and make a shop sign. The Little Blue Shop is now finished and you can see more details in this post.

3. I also need to make Aunt Esme – the shop keeper. Here she is although I might change her:

4. If I have time (or I get distracted from other things on the list) I will make a haberdashery to alternate with the groceries. One shelf is ready…TBC

5. I have grand plans for this waste paper basket, which I hope I will ready to show by the end of October…

6. I have a request for a crochet cushion/trunk seat. NOT STARTED


And for next month, these are my plans:

1.Finish Art Quilt on the theme of The Sea for The Endeavourers reveal day on November 1st.

2. Another reveal – this time the upcycle of the waste paper basket.

3. I am going to make some things with fimo. I want to try making some miniature accessories, hopefully, cheeses and some fruit and vegetables. The ones you can buy look amazing and they are very realistic but they are also very expensive and I am trying to make miniature scenes that are more illustration-like so maybe I can get away with something more homespun…

4. Knit a baby cardigan. My little granddaughter has been lucky enough to receive so many clothes as gifts and from her two year old cousin, who has outgrown a beautiful collection, that I had thought I wouldn’t be making her anything else for a while but all her cardigans and jumpers are pink so I have a request for one in another colour!

What are your plans for the coming month?

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

2 thoughts on “The Leap List October/November 2020

  1. piecefulwendy

    My daughter and I played with fimo one weekend. She made these amazing gnomes with all this detail and whatnot; I made a bowl, and a gnome hat – haha. It was fun, though, and you’ve reminded me that I should pull it out and play with it a bit more once again. Maybe I can make the whole gnome this time! The Little Blue Shop is so fascinating to see; I love all the details! Looking forward to seeing your challenge quilt!


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