Wool on Sundays -149 (A Green Aran Cardigan)


Welcome to the February edition of Wool on Sundays! Have you had a yarnful month?

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For the first couple of weeks of the year I had no yarn projects in progress but by the middle of January, I decided it really was time for some more knitting so I laid out all my yarn to properly see what I had enough of to make a cardigan. And I found (not surprisingly) there wasn’t really anything in a single colour. Then, in a claimed ‘Final Day of the January Sale’ on Love Knitting, I saw some West Yorkshire Spinners Aire Valley Aran (75% Wool, 25% Nylon, Machine Washable) on sale for £2.49 per 100g ball (meaning that for £13-£14 I could make a very good quality cardigan, produced with labour and animal welfare standards I find acceptable and which will last for years).


The only downside was the colour – Emerald – but, apart from black, all the other shades were sold out so I placed an order and hoped that it would be less bright in real life than on screen. Unfortunately, it was not :( But, having bought the yarn, I cast on anyway thinking maybe I could dye it when it was finished. I chose a free pattern, which you can find here and I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever disliked anything so much during the making! The pattern, seemed to me, to be unnecessarily confusing and I never could get the pattern placement on the front to line up in a way I liked so I abandoned the V and turned it into a round neck. And I really did not like the colour and began to seriously doubt whether dying a wool/nylon mix would even be possible without completely wrecking it. But I was determined not to start the year with an endless WIP, or worse still a UFO, hanging over me so I resolved just to knit as fast as often as I could and get through it!

My temptation to give up was tried even further, when a couple of days later the Love Knitting sale was extended and other, nicer colours became available. And again after I bought some of those nicer colours and even more so after they arrived. I put them in a corner out of sight but I kept hearing them calling “Knit me instead! Knit me instead! You can go back to the Emerald another day…” But I stopped up my ears and knitted even faster.


And, suddenly, last night, I realised it was very nearly finished. All bar the buttons. And I’m finding myself liking it a lot more than I expected and thinking perhaps it’s just more of a Spring and Summer colour and will come into its own when the world about us brightens up a little…I have a sneaking suspicion that, after all my reluctance to complete it, I may end up living in this cardigan.

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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7 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays -149 (A Green Aran Cardigan)

  1. Kim Sharman

    Why, I love this cardigan, Janine. I think the colour is fabulous and the aran pattern is lovely. If this woolly pretty was mine, I think I would live in it. It is the perfect colour for Spring.


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