Wool on Sundays – 150 (A Light Brown Aran Cardigan)


Happy March and welcome to another Wool on Sundays!

Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 12.38.07

They say March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb and this year it certainly arrived in style. Foolishly, I didn’t get around to taking photos when the snow was at it’s most beautiful and the skies were blue but here is the beginning of the melt through the window (lazy, I know).

The chicken do not like snow at all and they stayed in a lot of the day, which is unheard of in any other weather,

A little squirrel looking like she’s had about enough of it :(

Some partridges who came to visit and the pigeons who like to eat the acorns.

Fiona was not a fan but Poppy loved it and I did get my daughter to take some photos on her phone when we were out walking so, next time she’s home, perhaps I will add them and that will brighten up this post a bit :)

All in all, I am not fond of February and I’m glad it’s the shortest month but with all the rain and then the snow, it has been good knitting weather and I, unexpectedly, finished another cardigan. It is basically the same as the Emerald one last month but I used a couple of different cable patterns on the front and, mostly for quickness because the garden will soon be calling, an all over pattern everywhere else. The rib is p2,k1 (right side).

The main pattern is very quick and simple. It is worked over 4 rows with a multiple of 2 stitches + 1 and is worked as follows:

Row 1. k1, p1 to last stitch, k1

Row 2. k to end

Row 3. p1, k1 to last stitch, p1

Row 4. k to end

If you click on the mosaic above, the second photo shows the reverse, which could be used as the right side, if preferred.


I think it gives a nice texture and it’s very warm and cosy, which I have been appreciating. The yarn is WYS Aire Valley Aran in Light Brown (which I was lucky to find half price in a January sale) and I used 4mm needles.


Have you found time to knit in front of the fire? Or in the sun if you are still enjoying Autumn in your part of the world?


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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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10 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 150 (A Light Brown Aran Cardigan)

  1. Sigrid Swinnen

    I think everybody has had enough of the snow and cold weather. I hope we have a splendid springtime and a warm summer to make up for this bad winter!
    I like your cardigan and wished I could knit so well. Yes, soon enough we’ll be out in the garden. I like to crochet though, whether it’s winter or springtime and I try to keep the garden simple and not too much work. Maybe you can wear this cardigan when gardening? It looks so cosy and comfortable! Have a nice Sunday, Sigrid


  2. Kim Sharman

    All in all……I love February. =) A beautiful Aran cardie, Janine. Arans are my favourite garments for wintry weather. Gosh, it looks positively freezing over there; perfect for sitting in front of a cozy fire and enjoying a spot of knitting. I knitted over the weekend, sitting in the sunshine, on my swing seat, in front of the pond. You will soon enjoy your time in the sun, though by the look of those photos, perhaps it could be a while. Stay warm.


  3. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    You know me! I would have been outside, tasting and smelling the snow, and I would have loved to play outside with Poppy in the snow. It is hard for the small animals and the birds though, I feel bad for them. Beautiful photos. I love the view through the window and the photos in the collage. The cardigan is so pretty and cables look beautiful. I love how you shaped it down from the shoulder. Very clever :)



  4. Jayne

    Wow, I love your cardigan! And the snow photos are helping me feel a little cooler as we are still sweltering in hot weather in Oz. Such amazing photos.


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