When daffodils begin to peer…

When daffodils begin to peer,
With heigh! The doxy over the dale,
Why, then comes in the sweet o’ the year;
For the red blood reigns in the winter’s pale.
(Shakespeare, The Winter’s Tale IV,11)


Alas, the ‘sweet of the year’ is yet (but hopefully soon) to come and, despite the daffodils blooming everywhere, it is still knitting weather so I have been knitting in daffodil colours.

I originally thought I would post Eggbert and his flower at Easter but then I thought if I shared the pattern here someone else might like to make one as an Easter decoration.

You can find the Daffodil pattern at ODDknit. The Rabbit pattern I used is a copy of a vintage toy knitting pattern, which I bought on ebay.


The knitting was straightforward enough but, as with many vintage patterns, the various pieces are knitted as if they are a sewing pattern and I found the overall effect of the increases clunky and the sewing together – especially the head gusset – a bit of a nightmare. I will certainly look at modifying it if I make it again. This time, I just made the ears a bit smaller (and put a piece of soft and stable inside using the knitted ear as a template) and I knitted a tail instead of making a pom pom. If you can’t find this actual pattern, I’ve seen many similar ones which, might well be better.

He doesn’t bear close scrutiny but I’m quite pleased with the general effect and he is a touch vain and insisted I take lots of photos!

I am going on a short holiday so I will be away over the weekend and I hope when I get back Jack Frost will have gone back to Siberia, taking his ‘beast from the east’ with him and Spring will have started springing :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “When daffodils begin to peer…

  1. Catherine

    He is very cute and made me smile. We tidied our garden this week thinking spring had come but apparently more wintry this weekend. Brrrh!


  2. Sue W

    He is just gorgeous. I’ve been enjoying daffodils outside in the garden and when out and about in spite of the recent bad weather


  3. Carol

    I love Eggbert and the Daffodil. I have never seen a knitted Daffodil and yours is so cool. If I had nothing else to do, I would learn to knit. Or if I had a friend that knits I would ask for lessons. As it is, I think my time is better spent with needle and thread. But I continue to enjoy admiring what YOU create.
    xx, Carol

    PS: I’m out of my chair to check on how quickly Easter will be here.


  4. Sandra :)

    We have snow on and off in the forecast right through March 29 – there may even be snow after that but the weather page only goes for 2 weeks, lol. No early spring or daffies here, sadly! Eggbert is rather dapper – he seems more pensive than vain though ;)


  5. Kim Sharman

    Your Eggbert and that stunning daffodil is dripping with gorgeousness. Quite simply A M A Z I N G!! Love him posing in all his vanity in front of that gorgeous blooming fabric. Janine you do seem to have the most beautiful vintage fabrics! Perhaps when you return from your little weekend away, Jack Frost would have taken the hint and hightailed it back to Siberia….better there than here. If I didn’t dislike this frigid fellow so much I could almost feel sorry for him….I don’t know many people who like him.


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  7. Flashinscissors

    Hi Janine, oops, I missed this post ….. catching up now!
    Eggbert is soooo sweet! I don’t knit much and this looks waaay too complicated for me!
    He looks lovely. Well knitted!
    Barbara xx


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