Don’t Poke the Bear

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Yesterday, February 1st was the first Reveal date for The Endeavourers, our new art quilt group, and our theme for this quarter was ‘Nature’. My full post for the quilt I made for this challenge, including both my thoughts and the making process, can be found on The Endeavourers blog so I am just posting a summary here.

It is called ‘Don’t Poke the Bear’ and uses the bear (which I hope looks like the world) to represent  Nature and is based on the idea that if you poke a bear, or cause sufficient disturbance to the natural balance of the environment, it can be expected to roar and fight back.

IMG_2343The tear is for the suffering and loss of individuals, species and habitats that is occurring in the interim and with a special sadness for the state of the oceans, which are filling with plastics at a shocking and unsustainable rate. A particular inspiration for this aspect of my quilt was the short video below, which is the saddest I have ever seen.

I felt very reluctant to contribute such a sad quilt and blog post to our first art quilt reveal, which is an exciting and joyful event, but my hope is that perhaps by making this quilt and sharing the video I will add a small voice to all those who are campaigning for a dramatic reduction in the use of unnecessary, and especially disposable single use plastics.

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I hope that you will visit my fellow Endeavourers. Their response to the Nature theme has been amazing and you can find a wonderful variety of beautiful, inspiring and uplifting art quilts on our group blog.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

12 thoughts on “Don’t Poke the Bear

  1. Ruth says:

    I shy away from the sadder aspects of nature which doesn’t help anyone so it is good to remember our impact on the world. We have had a recycling programme for years now but it seems that we aren’t doing it right as unsuitable or contaminated plastics ruin the collection so we are trying harder to get it right. A little step but it’s a start. Love the balloon!


  2. Jules says:

    Oh my word, that chair is fantastic, I loved the dress when you made it and to have a chair in it as well, is just lovely.
    I keep looking at my welsh dresser and thinking how nice it would look painted and I do think – when I have the time!


  3. Catherine says:

    Hi Janine, this is such a different style for you. It is great to see you pushing the boundaries and with such a difficult subject too.
    Use of plastics has really hit home with me too. My WI group has joined the National Federation of Women’s Intitutes #showthelove campaign which aims to cut the use of plastic. I intend to buy all my fruit and veg from a local shop where everything is sold loose or with paper bags and not the supermarket where it all goes in thin plastic bags or uses black plastic trays. Also boycotting Waitrose coffee as the cups cannot be recycled. I’ve just finished crocheting a garland of green hearts (the symbol of the campaign) to decorate the tea table st our next meeting. If only everyone took small steps it would add up.
    Well done on highlighting the problem.


  4. soma @ says:

    I think your Don’t Poke the Bear art is beautiful, Janine. Sad yes, but beautiful. It is a topic that is very close to my heart. Forgive me for not watching the video, I won’t sleep for weeks if I watch it, but I am definitely not ignorant of the situation. Nature is kind but powerful. I truly believe that mankind is part of nature and we will HAVE to learn to live WITH nature, instead of trying to bend it to our will. Your little bear is beautiful, hibernating, waiting for a better day. One day it will wake up to a greener land, playful and happy. I am grateful for artists like you who create such evocative art.

    -Soma xx


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