Wool on Sundays 156 – (unknitting)


Welcome to another Wool on Sundays!

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This month my only woolliness has been confined to a little unknitting, by which I don’t mean not knitting although I’ve been doing that as well…

After some consideration, I decided to unknit this cardigan.

Although so short a time ago I thought this was set to be my best cardigan ever (as the one on the needles always is!) the fact is that I don’t wear it. I wanted something a little shorter but this is really too wide to be short so I washed and stretched it several times but if anything it just gets shorter and wider :(

So I decided I’d rather have the wool back and use it to make something else – something longer and narrower perhaps…

In the meantime, Peter Mouse has gone off to Poland.


I travelled with him feeling quite certain that my garden would be completely parched and dead when I got back. But after only a couple of days rain whilst we were away, I came back to find it green again and, if anything, a touch overgrown with everything sprawling about the place in a fairly drunken and disorderly fashion, which is just as it should be at this time of year.

It really is a wonder what even a little rain can do!

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And every evening the sun swings himself down behind the trees further and further to the south. The other night he called out to me saying, “I’ll be off taking Summer to your friend, Kim, in Australia soon. Do you want me to give her a message?” And I said, “Just take her flowers. She likes flowers”. And I’m going to miss these sunny days but now the evenings are getting darker and a little chilly, I can feel knitting weather just around the corner…

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare



For Christmas, I made a collection of hats. Not only did I never get around to blogging about them, I gifted them without taking photos – you would have thought I’d have learned my lesson on gifting and asking the recipients for photos by now but, alas, not.

Yesterday, however, we went out for lunch with my daughter and her finance, who happened to be wearing his hat, so now I have photos.


Finding myself in the car with yarn and a little time on my hands, I made up a hat, which I showed here and, with each subsequent hat I finessed the pattern a little. This one was made with some WYS four ply yarn left over from a pair of socks. I doubled the yarn to make Aran weight and used 4.5mm needles.


When the colours got out of sync (about 4 times, I think) I tied a knot in the yarn of the colour that was going on for too long (making a loop), weaved it in at the back (loosely) and, when I reached the end, I knitted through the loop with the next stitch.


My favourite thing about these hats is the icord loop. I thought it would be good for hanging them up on peg but I don’t Know if anyone except me ever has!

If anyone would like the pattern, which is very easy, I’ll type it up here.

Thank you to Aaron for modelling his hat :)

Wishing you a warm week!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare