For Christmas, I made a collection of hats. Not only did I never get around to blogging about them, I gifted them without taking photos – you would have thought I’d have learned my lesson on gifting and asking the recipients for photos by now but, alas, not.

Yesterday, however, we went out for lunch with my daughter and her finance, who happened to be wearing his hat, so now I have photos.


Finding myself in the car with yarn and a little time on my hands, I made up a hat, which I showed here and, with each subsequent hat I finessed the pattern a little. This one was made with some WYS four ply yarn left over from a pair of socks. I doubled the yarn to make Aran weight and used 4.5mm needles.


When the colours got out of sync (about 4 times, I think) I tied a knot in the yarn of the colour that was going on for too long (making a loop), weaved it in at the back (loosely) and, when I reached the end, I knitted through the loop with the next stitch.


My favourite thing about these hats is the icord loop. I thought it would be good for hanging them up on peg but I don’t Know if anyone except me ever has!

If anyone would like the pattern, which is very easy, I’ll type it up here.

Thank you to Aaron for modelling his hat :)

Wishing you a warm week!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

A tale of an Old Sideboard and an Unwanted Armchair…


I love how things can move from old to new and so it has been with these drawers. Once, long ago, they was my Uncle Peter’s sideboard (and before that, I think, they belonged to my Granny). In those days, they were dark stained oak and had some other kind of handles, though I can’t remember what those looked like. Truth to tell, they had seen better days and were in a rather sorry state. I never for a moment doubted their potential but Mr RH was not at all impressed and threatened that, unless I had transformed them by the time he got home from work, they would be going to the dump! And off he went to his office looking very smug. Sometimes Mr RH can be such a delight!

By the time he got home, however, they was sanded, undercoated and painted the royal blue (below) and he, grudgingly, agreed that they could go in the larder. Over the years, as we moved to a succession of larder-less houses, I managed to keep them with us, albeit in humble places like under the stairs until I happily came into possession of the Makery, where they was elevated to the grand status of a fabric store. And I hoped that would, at last, be an end to the fight to keep them. So imagine this! After the floor sanding, when we had the great mixing up and putting back of furniture and we eventually came to those very blue drawers, Mr RH asked, “Do you really need those in your sewing room?” Naturally, I braced myself for another round of the battle. And I don’t know if I or the drawers were more surprised when he continued, “They’re looking a bit shabby now but if you give them another coat of paint, they’d go well in the kitchen…”


My next old-to-new is a much more recent acquisition. An armchair that belonged to my late MIL. In the short history of the Makery, there have only ever been old dining chairs. These are ideal for sewing and desk work and have been perfectly adequate for sitting to knit or crochet but I may have looked longingly at some Granny Chic armchairs on pinterest from time to time. And, when it came the question of what to do with an oldĀ unwanted armchair, I was immediately convinced that it would be the most luxurious thing to sit comfortably knitting and listening to the radio of an evening (spoiler – I was not wrong!).

Mr RH, true to form, said it was far too big for the room and an eyesore to boot. And, to be absolutely honest, even with the space made free by the blue drawers it did rather overpower the room and looked, to say the least, cumbersome.

But it is so comfortable.


So I concluded that covering it in a different fabric would surely help. But I trialled and trialled to no avail until, at last, I decided to try the matching pair to the second hand curtain I used for my favourite Dottie Angel dress. I think this is my favourite dress in the history of the world so I long resisted trialling this fabric as I have been keeping it for another dress when my current one wears out.


As soon as I saw it draped over the chair, I knew it would be perfect. This fabric somehow blends the chair into the room and, in my view, it looks like this chair and the Makery were made for each other :)


Beauty, I concede, may be in the eye of the beholder, but, it seems to me, that now I find myself with a very stylish kitchen cupboard and a most beautiful and extraordinarily comfortable armchair.

And in the (unlikely) event that, after twenty years or so, Mr RH should invite that into the kitchen, I shall most certainly decline :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare