Belle Rose Dresden Quilt


This post is more a photo finish than a sewing finish but, I do feel that every quilt deserves it’s own blog post! A long time ago I had a small amount of Michael Miller Belle Rose from the French Journal Collection – about a fat quarter, I think. I loved that fabric so much I wanted to use every last inch so I made a Dresden Cushion (blogged here and here).

Son # 1 really liked it so I bought some yardage of the fabric and started making a quilt with the intention of gifting it to him and his fiancee the Christmas before last.


I basically made the quilt and dresdens separately and I then hand sewed the dresdens onto the quilt. It is a kingsize quilt and, with hindsight, that was a ridiculous way of going about it! I abandoned it for nearly a year and eventually got it finished just in time for last Christmas.


I added some musical fabric as detail (machine sewn) but as this quilt is so very massive and as the weather was so very dark and gloomy and wet I was never able to take any photos and I never got around around to blogging about it.


And every time Son # 1 and his finacee visited us or we visited them either it was raining or the quilt was forgotten until last week when, to my surprise, the quilt came home for a few days and they even took it into the garden and took these photos for me. I should probably have ironed it…


…but I’m very happy it has made it onto my blog at last, wrinkles and all :)

Meanwhile, Fiona has adopted a bear…


…or perhaps the bear has adopted Fiona…

Happy Sewing!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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18 thoughts on “Belle Rose Dresden Quilt

  1. Louise Hornor

    The colors are so soft and lovely on this quilt! I can see why you fell in love with the fabric. I really like the look of the quilting running under the Dresdens, like they are floating on top like lotus flowers in a pond.

    The photo of Fiona with her bear made me smile :)

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  2. Sigrid Swinnen

    You’re right, every quilt deserves a blog post! This one is great! Love the soft colours and the flowers. But what really made me smile was the last picture ;-) Fiona is gorgeous and it’s lovely to see this friendship, haha.
    Have a very nice day, Sigrid

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  3. Julie

    That’s a gorgeous quilt, did you do all that straight line quilting yourself? Did you use a walking foot? I can’t work out how to use mine lol
    This is really lovely though, especially the wrinkles, as it shows it’s loved and used.

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  4. Sharmayne

    I’m sew glad you got so photos of this beautiful quilt to share ! That’s some work involved in that quilt, and the colours are just so lovely! The bear is very cute and I love how Fiona is snuggling with it. I have my very old bear “Pinky” who not so pink anymore, but perhaps I should make some clothes for him one of these days! The crocheted blanket they are on is also quite lovely! Have a wonderful week

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  5. Flashinscissors

    What a gorgeous quilt! Well done with the pretty Dresdens!! Your quilting gives it a lovely finish! Wow, that must have been quite a job!
    Awwwh! Fiona and her friend look so cute. Don’t cats find great places to sleep!?! She’s really happy on your beautiful blanket too! (Whatever did you do to make her look at you at just the right moment?)
    Barbara x

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  6. Carol

    Black Bear/Black Cat. Cool!! I love your quilt. I have made one dresden block in the class I took. To be honest, I probably would have appliqued the dresdens to the quilt too. It turned out beautifully.

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  7. Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts

    I love Dresdens. The fabrics you chose for this one is fabulous but your way of quilting the quilt then adding the Dresdens is brilliant. I’m curious about whether you added an extra layer between the two. Oh, and a few wrinkles is proof that it’s really being used. :) A great finish!

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    1. Janine @ Rainbow Hare

      Thank you for your lovely comment. I didn’t put any extra wading between the dresdens and the quilt. Appliquing them afterwards made the quilting much easier but the applique much harder as it was so awkward to reach into the middle of the quilt :)


  8. soma @

    I am so glad they brought the quilt home and took photos. Otherwise we would never have gotten to see this beautiful quilt. All the work of hand stitching the flowers was definitely worth it. Needless to say, I also love the added musical fabric. It is a lovely quilt, Janine, and they did an excellent job with the photo shoot. I am sure Fiona would say she adopted the bear because it’s preposterous to think that a cat can be adopted :)


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