Wool on Sundays – 144 (a doll called Iris)


Welcome to the August edition of Wool on Sundays and thank you very much to everyone who sent kind messages following the recent death of my MIl :)

I wonder if you are still seeing my Wool on Sundays button with Mr Sheep below? Since the recent subscription changes at photobucket I’ve deleted my account there (as it’s an extortionate amount for one button!) and I can still see it but I don’t know if that’s because I’m not a third party?


I’ve not done much in the way of yarn making lately but there are a couple of little knits that I never did get around to showing.

You may remember that back in April I had the surprising good fortune of venturing into our local town in search of something I could use as a cradle and actually finding a cradle!


Well the reason I wanted a cradle was for the safe keeping of an antique china doll called Iris. I don’t know her real name so have called her Iris after an older cousin of my mother who was her original owner. Sadly, the lady called Iris is no longer with us but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. She gave me this doll when I was too young to remember but the doll always stayed at my Grandma’s house for safe keeping. Occasionally, I was allowed to hold her and I thought she was the most beautiful doll in the world but I didn’t play with her as such. Then, earlier this year (after five real children and nearly half a century!) my mother finally decided I was responsible enough to take possession of her so, as you can imagine, I’m somewhat paranoid about her getting broken!

She arrived wearing Iris’ christening gown, which washed up nicely but is rather large for her.

So I thought to make her a green (Drops Fabel – 4ply weight) cardigan. As I knitted, however, I discovered the (improv) cardigan was not a good fit so it became some boots…

…a bonnet and a pair of mittens.


And, having worked out the right size, I made another cardigan in blue (Drops Baby Merino – 4ply weight).


Hopefully, she can sleep safely in my makery now for another generation :)

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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7 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 144 (a doll called Iris)

  1. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    ‘after five real children and nearly half a century!’ That made me laugh out loud!! It is unfortunate that little Iris didn’t come to live with you sooner. That is a lovely outfit you made for her and she looks so cosy in her little cradle. I am sure she is having the sweetest and the warmest of dreams.



  2. Sharm

    I’m not surprised you are a little paranoid after all of that! By the way, I can see your button, and I have linked up this month! Finally getting the timing right – seems to take a bit with the in liktz and it won’t let me link just the post alone (apparently too many characters), so have had to just link it to my blog. Love the little knitted outfit you made for Iris and so lucky to have found that wonderful little cradle to keep her safe ……. now to watch out for grandchildren playing with her lol


  3. Carol

    Oh WOW!! I just love when antique items are saved and kept for the future. In the USA people always seem to apt to pitch the old and bring in the new. In “things” and buildings as well. It’s so sad.

    You dressed the doll so nicely. Your clothes are perfect. I think she is cozy.

    I’m a little late visiting. We have had house guests and that has thrown our whole routine out of whack.
    xx, Carol.


  4. Mary at Fleur de Lis Quilts

    Iris is the luckiest little doll to have such a talented momma. Your doll reminded me of an impromtu opportunity my mom and I had to see a large collection of baby dolls in New Orleans. The dolls were all different in size, skin tone, expression, clothing, etc. A few were unbelievably life-like. My mom’s Alzeheimer’s was at middle stage, I think, and she was awed by every doll of the 200 or so. We easily spent an hour there. Thank you for bringing up a wonderful memory of time with mom.


  5. Benta Hickley

    So glad to hear that you are grown up enough to be trusted with Iris!!! She looks very much at home in her cradle! Grandma Alice sends her love – she watches over me as I sew! Xxx


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