Wool on Sundays – 144 (a doll called Iris)


Welcome to the August edition of Wool on Sundays and thank you very much to everyone who sent kind messages following the recent death of my MIl :)

I wonder if you are still seeing my Wool on Sundays button with Mr Sheep below? Since the recent subscription changes at photobucket I’ve deleted my account there (as it’s an extortionate amount for one button!) and I can still see it but I don’t know if that’s because I’m not a third party?


I’ve not done much in the way of yarn making lately but there are a couple of little knits that I never did get around to showing.

You may remember that back in April I had the surprising good fortune of venturing into our local town in search of something I could use as a cradle and actually finding a cradle!


Well the reason I wanted a cradle was for the safe keeping of an antique china doll called Iris. I don’t know her real name so have called her Iris after an older cousin of my mother who was her original owner. Sadly, the lady called Iris is no longer with us but I’m sure she wouldn’t mind. She gave me this doll when I was too young to remember but the doll always stayed at my Grandma’s house for safe keeping. Occasionally, I was allowed to hold her and I thought she was the most beautiful doll in the world but I didn’t play with her as such. Then, earlier this year (after five real children and nearly half a century!) my mother finally decided I was responsible enough to take possession of her so, as you can imagine, I’m somewhat paranoid about her getting broken!

She arrived wearing Iris’ christening gown, which washed up nicely but is rather large for her.

So I thought to make her a green (Drops Fabel – 4ply weight) cardigan. As I knitted, however, I discovered the (improv) cardigan was not a good fit so it became some boots…

…a bonnet and a pair of mittens.


And, having worked out the right size, I made another cardigan in blue (Drops Baby Merino – 4ply weight).


Hopefully, she can sleep safely in my makery now for another generation :)

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