Really Random Thursday!

Lucy  and I decided to Bear Paw together with a view to making quilts over the next year and we’d love you to bear with us. You can pick up a badge here or join the flickr group. I’m not sooo enthusiastic about this trial block but it does look better in real life than this night time photo. I’ll make some more and see how it plays with them…
I do love cow-parsley, though, for one month of the year. And this is the month. Even on a dull, rainy day and photographed through the kitchen window it manages to look pretty.
And, finally for this week, Dry Cleaners. Have you noticed that Dry Cleaners always have a sign in their window saying “Professional Dry Cleaners”. Have you ever met an amateur Dry Cleaner? Is this an international thing or just her in the UK?
Have you visited Cindy and shared you week’s random musings yet?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare


13 thoughts on “Really Random Thursday!

  1. Catherine

    Oh I completely share your love of cow parsley. The council here has let one corner of a local park turn over to it and it's really beautiful. Your bear paw looks lovely and spring like – looking forward to seeing its progress.


  2. Scrapatches

    When I saw this block on the blog-lovin' feed, I had to click on it. I really like the way the fabric plays in this block. We have only “professional dry cleaner” businesses here in my corner of the USA, too … although the last job they did on my winter coat looked pretty amateurish to me. I have never seen (or known I was looking at it if I have) cow parsley before. It looks very pretty in this picture. Thanks for sharing this random goodness … :) Pat


  3. Cloud CouCou

    Love the bear paws! Also just want to let you know that I’ve nominated you for a Wonderful Team Member Readership Award (great name hey!) I’ve put a link to your blog on my post, don't feel obliged to accept! Amy


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