A dilema and a finish

Several months ago I posted a wall hanging to Laura. But unfortunately it has yet to reach her. We think it might be lost up a mountain in Austria or has possibly been eaten by a goat or something :o( so I decided to make Laura a jewellery roll (also useful for keeping a variety of other things in) like the ones I made as Christmas gifts. And I though it was going to be my Friday Finish this week.

Here it is.

The outside.


The inside. I like the way the zip tops fit snug against the binding.

The inside of one of the top pockets.

And the fugly quilt backing showing where I forgot to put in a layer of fabric as the large pocket lining! I only noticed this after I’d sewn on the binding. I don’t think I can bear to take the whole thing apart and to be honest it would probably be quicker to make a new one from scratch. So I’m wondering if I could manage to turn it inside out and hand sew a matching lining in.

What is certain is this is not finished after all.

Luckily I do have another finish.

I made a cushion using my red + block, which I made last year as part of M-R’s Colour my World Challenge at Quilt Matters.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

6 thoughts on “A dilema and a finish

  1. Susan Owenby

    It looks really nice, even if there is an little error. I'm so sorry the other one was lost. That's happened to me a few times in international post and it is so frustrating!

    I hate it when I make mistakes like that. My classic one is getting the quilt backing caught in the quilting and having to rip out all the stitches.


  2. Anna

    I hate when I come to the end of a project only to realize I made a mistake! Especially one that would require so much unsewing to fix :/ I bet you can figure a way to salvage it, though! It's so pretty, it would be a shame for it to go unused!


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