Bear With Us!

My post the other day mentioned that making a red and white bear paw quilt has been on my ‘to do’ list for years. After a couple of emails back and forth, Lucy and I decided to we’d both make one over a year. I’m going to be making traditional 14″ blocks and Lucy is making baby paws.

Lucy has jumped straight in and made some lovely blocks already whilst I’ve been pondering layouts…

I decided that, much as I love red and white quilts, I would sew from stash instead and make each block in a different fabric with an ivory background so it would be a bit like a charm quilt. But then I discovered I only need thirteen blocks – fewer than I’d expected – so I’ve been wondering whether to use just these colours…

…or perhaps these.

And incorporate this unicorn fabric that I’ve had lying about for a while.

Perhaps a larger bear paw with the unicorns and a border with coordinating colours?
Perhaps I’ll end up having to make lots of bear paw quilts!
This isn’t a qal but we’d love you to bear-paw-along with us and join the Flickr group, and we can all inspire and encourage each other :)
Lucy has started a flickr group and made a sweet button, which you can grab here.
Bear Paw
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

14 thoughts on “Bear With Us!

  1. Scrapatches

    Well this bears watching. I am actively trying to resist joining in here. I have too many wedding table quilts to make and all I have seen today whenever I take a break is more blocks I want to make and lovely quiltalongs I'd love to join. I shall be strong and just enjoy following the bear tracks trail … :) Pat


  2. Nicky

    Several then! Haha! I love a bear paw too but have made a red and white traditional one already – now a multi-coloured one – that would be something…


  3. Soma Acharya

    I also love your second choice and the unicorn fabric is fabulous. Even though I am very tempted, I shouldn't start another project without finishing a few first. However, I joined the Flickr group as a reminder :)


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