The Good, the bad and the finished!

The Good…

My MIL gave me a cheque for my birthday and I ordered some fabrics from Hawthorne Threads.
At last they have arrived and they are beautiful!
The bad…
Although a squishy is always a good thing…
The customs charges went quite a way towards defeating the point of ordering from the US and waiting ages (17.78 British Pound Sterling equals 26.97 US Dollar) :(
And the finished…
The Twirling Asterisk block is now bound and has dual purpose as a wall hanging…

…or a cushion. Unfortunately, I don’t have a big enough cushion but you can get an idea.
Happy Weekend!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

25 thoughts on “The Good, the bad and the finished!

  1. Karen

    So, if I were to send you fabric as a gift it wouldn't incur customs charges right? I ship to the UK all the time and it is spendy, but don't think customs comes into play. Your cushion cover is awesome! Love it


  2. Esther F.

    I once had to pay 30 euros custom charges for ONE pair of jeans on which the shipping was the same amount. In total, the bill was 90 euros…. Buyers beware if you ship from the US to Europe!
    i just filled a suitcase with fabrics and sewing notions on vacation to family in the US. There is a snag there too: you can only import 430 euros worth of stuff… When you go shopping you quickly reach that amount: baby clothes for little nephews, new tops for me, a pair of jeans, a whole bunch of fabrics, and some more fabrics, supreme slider…. Stop buying! LOL!!! I am very happy with my new stash, just hope that I don't go through it too quickly!
    Love your projects and your fabrics!!!
    ipatchandquilt dot wordpress dot com
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com


  3. nerospost

    Oh, your new fabrics are so beautiful! That's sad that we can't order from US, shipping is just too much. Wonderful pillows, great design and those birds are cute! x Teje


  4. Soma Acharya

    Gorgeous fabric, sorry you had to pay that much for customs. What a clever idea to double the twirling asterisk block as a wall hanging and a pillow cover!! I love it!



  5. Celtic Thistle

    That £8 collection charge on top of the tax is a killer, isn't it? Certainly takes the gloss of the purchase, but they are lovely fabrics and I am sure you will soon forget the pain of the charges when you start cutting into them :)


  6. Karen

    Ouch – on the import taxes, i haven't ordered from the states for ages, it's so hard to get anything for £15 these days and I've been caught out before too. The cushion looks fab, the bird fabric is really pretty. :o)


  7. Cloud CouCou

    Love those fabrics such pretty colours. Just wondering about the import tax, I have been thinking about ordering from the US for a while now as the fabrics are so much cheaper and I just can't get a lot from UK. Do you know how the tax thing works? Do you always have to pay for delivery? Is it worth it? Thanks :)


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