Really Random Thursday!

I love Really Random Thursdays and all week I seem to notice things that strike me as perfect for a RRT post but then, somehow, on Thursdays my mind goes blank and I forget whatever I was going to write about.
So, today, I thought I’d share part of a post from a blog I had before this one. That blog was actually full of random posts. It was my learning-how-to-make-a-blog blog. It wasn’t really about anything much and I mostly changed the background a lot and posted some designs that I didn’t have time to do anything with. Then, occasionally, I’d throw in some thoughts on a poem or post some seasonal photos. Once someone very sweetly emailed me to ask if they could use the image at the top of this post in a book they were putting together to comfort recently bereaved people but, mostly, no one noticed it was there!
Then in May 2011, I started considering quilting (below).
And today I realised that, although, compared to lots of quilters and bloggers, I feel as if I don’t accomplish much everything on this blog and more has been made in less than two years and all my UFOs are less than two years old.
I feel like I’ve had this blog and been sewing and linking up with everyone and joining in bees and swaps since forever and it’s quite amazing to me than only two years ago I didn’t know this quit-blog-osphere even existed.
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Monday, May 30, 2011

May (and maybe…)

…The other maybe started quite innocuously. I was idly daydreaming about the possibility of turning some of my images into some kind of textile art and I googled ‘fairytale quilts’ to look up a book I used to own (and which I lent to someone) because I remember it having lots of information on different types of embroidery. And that was when I came across this wonderful book ~

Posted by Janine 

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Do you have randomness to share?

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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