Eat, Sleep, Sew!

Unfortunately, I finished this seconds too late to link up with Le Challenge!

It began simply enough enough with some sketches…

And an exciting new applique technique I read about on Karen’s blog. I found it was much less clunky than my usual freezer paper efforts and you can get an idea from the wings…

…but you’ll have to visit Karen to see it better because I then stuffed her and re-stitched the outline to hold the layers of the quilt together. Also to hold the layers together, I hand quilted an outline around the green leaves, which were already embroidered onto the linen…

…and did a random large seed-stitch type stitching in the green at the bottom,

The main thing that didn’t go quite as intended was the head. I cut and sewed the head/body/legs in one piece and, somehow, I lost the angle of the chin. If I do this again, I’ll applique the head as a separate piece. This left me in a dilema about what to do with the face and hair.

In the end I think I was unduly influenced by the hairstyle of my sewing assistant!

And I’m reasonably happy with how it turned out although I’m really not keen on the head and I think, in future, the whole head/face/hair things needs to be worked out on paper before I start!

On the other hand, I’ve been wanting to make something more three dimensional for ages and to make pictures in fabric that do something. I love automata and pop-up books and I know a moving arm is only a small step in that direction – but it’s a start!

So – too late for Le Challenge but in time for a Friday Finish.

What have you been sewing this week?

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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27 thoughts on “Eat, Sleep, Sew!

  1. Susan Owenby

    Holy crap! That's fantastic! I see what you are saying about the chin, but I think it really adds charm to this piece. Just really great work. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Britt G.

    This is really amazing! I love the moving arm and the recognition of priorities (Eat! Sleep! Sew!). The colors and aesthetic are really pretty as well. I aspire to someday make something like this – but right now I seem to be consumed by quilts and clothing sewing. Lovely Finish!


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