Winds and Tradewinds

For my second entry in the Bloggers Quilt Festival, I really wanted to enter my Tradewinds Quilt, which I made around Christmas as a gift for my eldest daughter.

But, unfortunately, I only had inside, Winter photos, which really didn’t do justice to the beautiful fabrics.

1. Trade Winds Finished Rolled, 2. Trade Winds Finished, 3. Trade Winds Finished Rolled 2, 4. Trade Winds Finished Binding

So when my daughter said she was coming home yesterday I thought it would be the perfect opportunity get some lovely, sunny, outdoor shots.

I was sadly mistaken.

Never have I made a quilt and taken more photos or more badly!

1. cows, 2. Tradewinds, 3. wind, 4. more wind, 5. and more, 6. getting heavy, 7. taking a break, 8. a new plan, 9. getting there, 10. back to square one, 11. best detail shot, 12. atmospheric, 13. even darker, 14. another new plan, 15. from the attic window…, 16. from the kitchen roof…

We decided to come in and and have another try today…

But today it is raining.
In case you’re wondering what it actually looks like, these in progress shots show the top better. The centre is pieced from pinwheels, arranged in pairs as butterflies and it has a border of double squares.


Quilt Stats
Quilt Measurements – 94.5″ square (after washing).
Materials – Tradewinds by Lily Ashbury for Moda, Parchment solid cotton, Cerise solid cotton, Hobbs Heirloom wadding, Coates thread.
Special Techniques used, if any – straight lines two inches apart.
Quilted by – me on my Janome Sewist 525s
And, as it’s the most interesting of the bunch, I’ve decided to enter this picture in the quilt photographer category
I hope you’re enjoying looking at all the inspirational quilts in the festival.
Happy Sewing!
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

26 thoughts on “Winds and Tradewinds

  1. Catherine

    It's a lovely quilt and a hysterical series of photos. I hadn't seen it in its full glory – I think picture 2 is beautiful but your final picture is very artistic:-).


  2. jan

    I know exactly how you feel – sometimes it is really hard to get a photograph, however you can't hide how beautiful that quilt is! Love your cows too.
    PS My middle name is Janine, my nickname is Jan:)


  3. Christine

    It is a beautiful quilt. The outdoors are beautiful too. I think your effort to try to get a great picture is impressive. I am usually too lazy and take a dark wrinkly one on my kitchen floor. Your photo entry is great.


  4. Cloud CouCou

    I had the same problem when trying to photograph my bloom bloom pow top. Will probably have the same problem again when it's finished, that or the general grey gloom! Your quilt's gorgeous though, love the photography shot..good luck!


  5. vexa

    Nice quilt and I bet it's not easy to take picture of such size but all of those not so perfect pictures just makes us smile. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Tessa Marie

    I can see that the quilt is beautiful, no matter the pictures. I often find taking the pictures of my quilts is the toughest part of being a quilting blogger, especially when the weather is less than cooperative!! You had me laughing anyway, and for that, I thank you!


  7. Heather

    Sorry you struggled with the photos – I'm trying to be better about having ones other than my husband holding it up in the living room, and it's challenging!


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