I’m late WIP-ing today because I really wanted to get this cushion finished. It’s the result of my experiment yesterday (blogged here). I like the shapes but if I do this again I’ll definitely use solids or fabrics with very small pattern repeats. Since it was all a bit experimental anyway I thought I’d also try a shaped border. I’m not really in love with how it turned out but it was interesting to try some different things and I might use these techniques again in something else.

My favourite part is the back!

I also finished this little 5″ x 7″ piece (blogged here) and the trip-a-long is now a flimsy (here).
So two finishes and one project in still progress.
Now I’m off to visit Lee and see what everyone has been sewing.
Janine @Rainbow Hare
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11 thoughts on “WIP

  1. Anna

    That pillow turned out so cool! I love what you did with it. Would definitely be a fun technique to play with! Love those dolls, too. I might have to learn how to make little sewn dolls…


  2. Benta AtSLIKstitches

    I've just spent a lovely 20 minutes catching up, you have been busy! I love the 5×7 and the sliced blocks came out really well, I like the scrappy trip – put it away for a while to 'mature' thn you'll fall in love with it again! The book looks very exciting, hope it inspires you :-)


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