New To Me In February 2013

Today is the 25th of the month so it’s time to link up with Fiona for New to me in 2013. Last month I thought I hadn’t tried anything new (although afterwards I remembered the fusible wadding!) so I’ve been keeping a mental note, this month, of things that are new to me.

I began linking up with Live a Colorful Life for Really Random Thursday and found my posts in general seem to getting increasingly random…
an unexpected house blogged here

I also joined the 5″ x 7″ Challenge in which I have agreed to make a year’s worth of 5″ x 7″ art pieces. The focus is on quantity, rather than quality and the weekly commitment is a new thing for me, as is making such small projects.

I also tried some new techniques including a fused fabric valentine (blogged here)

fused fabric valentines wall hanging
butterfly detail
…and a sort of tessellated block, here, which became a cushion with a curved border – something else new to me.
Finally, I bought a book I can’t read a word of – fortunately it has wonderful diagrams and pictures! – and started to make a sampler quilt, blogged here.
Until I started writing this post, I hadn’t realised quite how many new to me things I’d done this month.
What new things have you tried?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

11 thoughts on “New To Me In February 2013


    You've been busy. Love your makes. That Japanese book looks like a challenge, but I guess pictures are a universal language. I bought a wonderful crochet pattern book in France many years ago and still love it though I can't read the words. I'm trying lots of new quilt patterns – am quite obsessed – Scandinavian and contemporary (nothing like a challenge)!


  2. Nicole

    I attached a satin binding to a baby blanket for the first time! Yikes! Slippery! And made an improve house block, and several xplus blocks!
    Love your fused fabric valentine! It turned out be-u-tee-ful!


  3. jeifner

    I made the triple zip pouch. I went along with the zip along as I've wanted to make a pouch for so long and figured jumping right in would be the best. It was great! Those new blocks are looking fabulous, looks like the books full of great stuff.


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