a finish of sorts


At last, I’ve finished the trip-a-long top. I know there’a a big difference between a finished top and a finished quilt but, still, it’s a finish of sorts. It’s quite a step towards low volume for me but not so pastel coloured as it looks in the photo above.
this shows the colours a bit better

I’ve got quite bored of this quilt, I think because I took a break to catch up on bee blocks and lost momentum, so I really should be pressing on with basting and quilting to avert a possible UFO…

But, instead, I decided to try a little experiment…

charm squares
press seams open
measure 1″ from the points
slice 1′ from points
sew  each strip back where it came from
I think it creates quite an interesting shape but would work better with solids or near solids…
What do you think?
Janine @ Rainbow Hare

13 thoughts on “a finish of sorts

  1. nerospost

    Hi Janine! Great you finished the quilt top because it's so beautiful! Quiltin is a piece of cake – do it quickly to get it in use!
    I love your idea for a new quilt block! I think it's beautiful with any kind of fabrics! Generally I like more prints – perhaps because then there are more colour tones. I'm wondering, do you need to have a quilt top finished and then you cut it slices or could we do that with blocks? I don't know if they match then. x Teje


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