Spring – Inside and out

I seem to have given up blogging of late and almost a month has gone by, during which time Spring has been springing.

But I’m glad to say I have completed my monthly goal of adding all the TAST stitches to date into my fanTASTichia picture.

Lots of these stitches are new to me and I plan to keep going with this, at least for the first twenty stitches or so although I still don’t know what it will end up looking like!

Apart from that, I have been knitting…

And, after much trial and error, I have unvented a new improved way to attach heads to cloth dolls and a hair technique to avoid the stumpy, thick plaits/braids that rag dolls tend to have. When I get time, I’ll put up a tute in case anyone wants to try it.

I have also been outside a lot, mainly bramble clearing and weeding, but I haven’t taken photos of that! I did manage to get some pictures of a pair of geese who visited us one morning though and some on a walk with Poppy..

My most exciting news is that we are on the verge of having ‘real’ internet. After literally years of being promised more than a very inconsistent -1mb (owing apparently to long copper lengths, which has made providing us with the infrastructure for a reliable service ‘uneconomical for the public purse’) we have a green cabinet installed along the road which, if what they say is true, will deliver fibre broadband. I can hardly imagine what it will like – not watching a spinning disk and waiting for things to time out and resetting the router…

If you are a mother in the UK, I wish you a Happy Mothers day! If not I wish you a happy day anyway :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

18 thoughts on “Spring – Inside and out

  1. Flashinscissors

    Wow, Janine! Lovely photos, love those sheep and the pictures of Poppy.
    FanTASTichia is such a clever idea! I thought to do something with TAST stitches once but I don’t have your amazing imagination.
    And “Wow” again, such a cute doll …. I love her totally! A tote on her body too would be wonderful! She looks tiny, is she?
    Barbara xx


  2. Flashinscissors

    Sorry, don’t know what happened to my first comment! It seemed to have been accepted, then I wrote the second ……
    I love all your TAST stitches, and especially like your idea for the tutorial for your doll’s hair, but did you make the dolls body? ‘Cos that looks cute too!
    Lovely photos of Poppy and the sheep. (Shame my first comment got lost!)
    Barbara xx
    Now I’m afraid this might end up being my only comment, I’m almost tempted to save it for tomorrow, tee hee!


  3. Carol DeLater

    Great stitching. March kept me away from blogging much too. Events here keep me saying “Give me a break”, but the Universe keeps tossing events at us. Love your little doll. Your internet issues caught me by surprise. It made me realize just how much I take for granted. It’s been a long time since I had to wait for that spinning circle on a regular basis. I sure hope you get the service they have promised is coming.
    xx, Carol


  4. TextileRanger

    What a lovely mix of activities and accomplishments! I can see why you have been too busy to post about it.
    I love your cloth doll and would love to see the tutorial too. I don’t currently make dolls, but I have attempted in the past, and hope to again some day!


  5. Dawn Kelly

    Love your embroidery stitches. Congratulations on the new potential internet, hope it’s so much fun and fast!!! What a lovely doll.


  6. Kim Sharman

    You and those clever hands of yours have been busy creating beautiful creations. Your fanTASTichia picture is a delight. So many lovely, well executed stitches to be seen here. Your whimsical imagination has risen to the fore yet again. Love your knitted woollies too, especially the blue cable jumper. It looks beautifully cosy and warm. How exciting your internet will enter into the realm of 2019. =)


  7. Michelle Churchman

    First time to your blog…, and I am blown away by all your fiber arts! You are so talented! I host a link party called Creative Compulsions on Thursday. It is expressly for those who create. I would like to invite you to link up if you’re interested.


  8. Janie

    Yes, beautiful photos, thanks for sharing.
    Your embroidery is fun and you knit!
    I’ve picked knitting up again to teach some students who want to learn how.
    It’s relaxing and a good challenge.


  9. Elizabeth E.

    Lovely post, Janine. I feel transported to another world, of green and water and flowers and walks. I’m hoping your internet will be much quicker–happy day!

    I love also your dolls, your stitching. This whole post feels like a lovely quiet visit with you, seeing what you are doing and talking a virtual walk with you. Thank you!


  10. Lynette Caulkins

    Thank you for the nice visit to your pretty little spot – funny little lamb, standing on Mama! :) Your stitchery is intriguing, and I’m very impressed with your dollmaking.


  11. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    The fanTASTichia picture is looking wonderful. I love the little details you add to your projects. The sun is my favourite in this one…so far. Beautiful knitting and the doll is lovely. I like her hair. Wonderful nature photos. Love the wet dog :)
    A belated Happy Mothers Day to you!

    Thank you so much for linking up on Wandering Camera.



  12. Archie The Wonder Dog

    Your TAST stitches are gorgeous and I’m really enjoying seeing the picture grow month on month! The knitting and dolls are also gorgeous (fabulous hair!), but my heart has been well and truly stolen by those lambs…


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