Wool on Sundays 151 – (Happy Easter!)


Welcome to the Easter edition Wool on Sundays and a very happy April Fools Day too :)

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My March knitting was Easter Bunny themed. You may have met Eggbert already (for more info about Eggbert and his daffodil, please see this post) and you may have wondered what he was going to do with his daffodil.


Well there is a pretty little rabbit called Lettuce, who lives on the other side of the bank where the primroses grow, and on Easter morning Eggbert set out to pay her a visit.

“Would you kindly do me the honour of accompanying me to the Easter Parade?” he asked. Rabbits can sometimes be a touch formal in their turn of phrase, especially if they are feeling at all nervous,


Lettuce replied that she would love to go but, sadly, the mean-spirited East Wind had, just that morning, whisked away her bonnet and rolled it right down the hill into the water meadows where it had been trodden into the mud by a flock of sheep. And she began to cry.


You’ll be the finest rabbit in the Easter Parade!

But Eggbert, of course, had the perfect solution!

And, after the initial surprise of finding herself with a rather large daffodil on her head, Lettuce said that in that case she would be delighted.


And they went not only to the Parade but to the party afterwards, where they danced until the cows came home.


On the road going home, they met Mrs Chicken, who was carrying her umbrella because it was sure to rain.


And she said they made a lovely couple and she would be sure to listen out for happy news from them in the Summer :)


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10 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays 151 – (Happy Easter!)

  1. Kim Sharman

    How delightful!! Your Eggbert is the perfect gentleman, isn’t he. How very kind to cheer up Lettuce’s day by gifting her the sweet daffodil (sooo much prettier than a bonnet) and accompanying her to the Easter Parade and party afterwards. Mmm….can’t wait for your Summer to see what transpires. =) Gorgeous bunnies, Janine. Happy Easter to you!


  2. Sandra :)

    Eggbert went a courting! My mind went to “something in the summer” as soon as he used such a gentlemanly, courtly turn of phrase to ask the lovely Miss Lettuce out! I agree with Kay, and can see a book featuring Master Eggbert and Miss Lettuce … with lovely drawings … and adventures … it would be awesome!


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