A Feast of Fools

As long liveth the merry man, they say, As doth the sorry man, and longer by a day…

(Ralph Roister Doister)


I wish you the very Happiest of New Years!

When I posted a Merry Midwinter Mouse, I little expected that it would be Twelfth Night before I blogged again but I’m sure you know how it is with the best made plans. Since I was here last we decked the hall with boughs of holly…

And adorned the twig tree with festive bits and pieces. And filled the house with evergreens and baubles and music and merriment…

And (amongst more prosaic things like dentists and driving back and forth to airports through thick fog) we spent many a happy hour around the Christmas tree with friends and family, day and night…

And I made a merry little man of misrule who greatly surprised me by playing the piano upside-down.

You might imagine that he would get short shrift from the Midwinter Faery, who presides over the festivities from her wreath above the piano.

But, on the Feast of Fools, even she must give way to his foolery. Poppy could hardly believe her eyes!

But now is the night of the twelfth day of Christmas and the presents are over and done. The tinsels and baubles are put away and the tree is carried out to the bonfire. The Christmas cards are cut down and the pine needles are swept up.


And the house looks empty and bare and the Spring is a long way off but perhaps, just perhaps, a little merriness lingers to last us throughout the year.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

I’m not sure whether the lovely Soma at Whims and Fancies is going to continue with her Wandering Camera linky parties this year but, if she does, I will link this post :)

I am linking this post with Soma’s January Wandering Camera Linky Party :)

11 thoughts on “A Feast of Fools

  1. Sandra :)

    Happy New Year, Janine! Your photos are adorable – especially your upside-down Billy Joel (piano man) :D Spring is surely a long way off here – months and months … of cold … and snow … winter in Canada – it’s real weather … real cold weather! ;)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim Sharman

    Oh how delightful!! LOVE this beautiful and fantastical post, Janine. This is you, at your very best!! =) Love your merry little man….and oh my goodness, your Poppy is the sweetest pup…cute glasses! Your home looked delightfully festive. I can well imagine many a happy hour spent beside your beautiful tree. Wishing you a whole lot of merriness to last you the whole year through.


  3. Carol

    You have a knack of creating some very expressive characters!! I loved your Christmas tree. I decorated a twig really…well not really but it had a lot of lights! I’m always glad to see the holidays pass. January 1 starts my countdown to Spring as I look longingly out the kitchen window at my frozen pond and wonder how my frogs survive the winter.

    Happy New Year. Thank you for continuing to share a bit of your world with your blog friends.
    xx, Carol


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  5. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    I LOVE your merry little man and Midwinter Faery. Such a beautiful post with wonderful photos, Janine! It made me feel really warm and happy inside, like a cup of hot chocolate. It’s no wonder Poppy looks so content :)

    I am a week late with Wandering Camera. I will post it this Thursday and I would love for you to link up. Thank you :)

    -Soma xx


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