Wool on Sundays – 136 (Little Things)

Welcome to another year of Wool on Sundays!

rainbowhareHave you had a yarnful holiday?

I’ve somehow managed to fall right off the yarn wagon. I knitted woolly hat for the Merry Man of Misrule (you can see more of his antics in A Feast of Fools). And I put an edge row around the Rustic Lace Blanket in the hope of calling it finished but it really isn’t quite big enough so I shall have to undo it and either make more squares or do something else around the edges. I’m not feeling much enthusiasm for doing either but perhaps sooner or later my crochet mojo will strike!

On a more cheerful note, my son #1’s fiancee’s sister is having a baby in June. It is years since I’ve had the joy of knitting for little people and I’m wondering how much baby knitting you can reasonably impose upon someone you’ve only met once…


I hope you are having a happy beginning to 2017 :)

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Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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13 thoughts on “Wool on Sundays – 136 (Little Things)

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  2. Carol

    I’m sure you can just knit all you want for that little one. I remember how thrilled I was..oh so MANY years ago, when my daughter was born I received several knitted items from a woman that Terry worked with. I was over the moon thrilled. She will be too.
    xx, Carol


  3. Pauline

    Don’t worry you can make as many lovely things as you want – I am always sewing baby items for my daughter’s friends, most of whom I haven’t met. I hope one day to have a grandchild of my own to sew or knit for!


  4. Sandra :)

    Oh I know the answer to the yarn imposing question – the answer is that it’s NOT an imposition, and any sweet piece you can make for the wee one, will surely be appreciated and loved! I didn’t have knitters around when my boys were born, but my SIL did manage to make a sweater and a blanket for the older one (which got passed on to the younger one) – those are packed away for when my boys have kids – they’re special mementos, much loved. You just get cracking with your wool and make some sweet baby items – and then post them for us to see :D


  5. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    Instead of frogging it, you could add another wider border to make it a bit larger. I think that will look very pretty. The smaller blankets are great for lounging on the couches where you don’t necessarily need a very large one. Your comment about the “baby knitting” made me laugh. Have fun :)



  6. Maria

    Your lacy blanket looks so lovely. For me, the hardest part of making something special for a new baby is deciding on what to make, what pattern, what yarn…etc. I’m terrible…and then it’s a rush to get something done in time! lol. I finally did a Wool on Sunday post yesterday, so couldn’t link with this one.


  7. Jules

    Oh, I didn’t think there was any limit on making things for little people.
    Loving the look of the blanket, what yarn did you use on it?
    I’ve lost my sewing mojo at the moment, along with my crocheting one, but I do have a new rescue cat to sit and cuddle, so I’m sure you can understand why :o)


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