Made in October

October was a month of misty mornings and golden afternoons and I got off to quite a good start, making several things for my etsy shop. Unfortunately, the world then intervened, as it is wont to do, and I never did get around to blogging about or listing them!

Neither did I get around to wandering with my camera, so for the November Wandering Camera linky party, hosted by the lovely Soma over at Whims and Fancies, I am sharing my makes.

I have been combining new fabrics with vintage linens that are still very beautiful in parts but in other parts have, sadly, seen better days. Below is a pyjama case or project bag, which I made using the peg bag pattern and inserting a zip in the back. On the front is a vintage lace panel and the buttons are also pre-loved.

I also made three cushion covers using striped linen and some pieces reclaimed from damaged embroidered table cloths.

And I made a Hare Pyjama Case/Project bag (with a knitted head and arms), a crocheted hot water bottle cover and a papier mache custom made bed for Fiona.

I’m linking this post with Soma for the November Wandering Camera linky party and hoping for a less disrupted November :)

Janine @ Rainbow Hare


9 thoughts on “Made in October

  1. Kim Sharman

    Oooh….lovely all your pretty makes. The hare pyjama case is so very sweet. Your cushions with those lovely embroideried linens are lovely. Love the one with the little caravan. The peg bag with the lace caravan… just gorgeous!

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  2. Benta

    Great projects – I really love the project bag!!! I nearly missed this post! I read blogs through bloglovin and they turn post photos foggy when I’ve read the post – so your foggy pic really confused my poor brain! Xxxxx

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  3. Carol

    such pretty projects and the re-purposing is heartwarming. Yes, heartwarming. I hate to see useful things cast aside or sent to the landfill.

    The next couple of months will speed by. Blink your eye and it will be January.
    xx, Carol

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  4. Janinemarie

    I really like the way you are giving new life to old linens. I spent much of my youth embroidering pillow cases and other linens, and these bits in your projects brought fond memories of a relaxing pass time.


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