Small Crochet Purse Tutorial


For this purse, I used 4ply weight cotton yarn and a 3mm hook. The frame I used was 3 1/2″ at the widest point and the finished purse is approx 4 1/2″ at highest point x 4 1/2″ at widest point. I used a durable, fairly heavy duty synthetic felt for the lining. My starting circle is a sunburst block. I have used UK crochet terminology with US terms in square brackets.

ch = chain

dc = double crochet [sc = single crochet]

htr = half treble [hdc = half double crochet]

tr = treble [dc = double crochet]

This tute could easily be adapted for a larger frame of similar shape or just to make a larger purse by working more rows back and fourth along the bottom edge after step 4 and before step 6. 

  1. First make a crochet circle. Your circle can be whatever design you choose. Do not fasten off.

small crochet purse tute 1

2. When the curved outside edge of your circle is roughly the same as the inner curve of your purse frame, push the circle into the frame and place a stitch markers at each end of the frame. Your yarn should be level with the first marker (the yellow marker in the photo below).

small crochet purse tute 2

3. Top edge: ch 2 (= 1dc [sc]) and continue working 1 dc [sc] into each stitch until you reach the second (pink) marker.

small crochet purse tute 3

4. Work 1htr [hdc] into the first stitch after the (pink) marker. Then work 1tr [dc] into each stitch until 1 stitch remains before the (yellow) marker. Work 1htr [hdc] into this stitch and slip stitch into your first dc [sc] to complete the round. Fasten off.

small crochet purse tute 4

5. Make a back piece to match the front.

small crochet purse tute 5

6. Select a suitable fabric for lining your purse. Place two pieces of fabric right sides together and draw around one one of your crochet pieces. Machine stitch just inside your drawn line around the bottom edge only.

small crochet purse tute 6

7. Cut out on your drawn line for the open edge (top). If your fabric doesn’t fray, cut out close to your stitching on the bottom edge. If your fabric will fray, cut out 1/4″ from your line and zigzag around the bottom edge. Do not turn right-side-out.

small crochet purse tute 7

8.  Sew  your front and back crochet pieces to the front and back of your fabric lining along the top (open) edges only.

small crochet purse tute 8

9. If you are using a glue-in frame, glue and leave to dry. If you are using a sew-in frame, secure your purse front to the purse frame with pins.

small crochet purse tute 9

10. Keeping your purse edge well pushed into the frame, sew in, removing pins as you go.

small crochet purse tute 10

11. Repeat step 10 (above) for the back of your purse.

small crochet purse tute 11

12. Re-join your yarn and slip stitch together the first stitches on the front and back of your purse (the htrs [hdcs] from the last row).

small crochet purse tute 12

13. Work 1dc [sc] into the next stitch on your purse front. Then slip stitch into the corresponding stitch on your purse back.

small crochet purse tute 13

14. Repeat step 13 (above) around the bottom of your purse, joining the crochet and enclosing the lining, until the last st (the htrs [hdcs] on the front and back from the row below). Slip stitch these two stitches together and fasten off.

small crochet purse tute 14

I’d love to know if you make one of these or if you notice any errors. Happy Crochet!

small crochet purse tute 15

Janine @ Rainbow Hare

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