Waste not, want not…

With some assistance, perhaps a little more than was strictly helpful, I have a sewing finish. Unfortunately, I can’t show it yet but you can see some sneak peeks above. Without giving much away, I can say that, when I reached the binding stage, I thought it was a bit too flimsy. Rather than adding another layer of wadding, I decided to cut a piece from a lap quilt I made a couple of years ago and which has never had much use.

I had enough of the lap quilt left to make a cushion so, whilst I was in upcycling mode, I found an old silk skirt (which, sadly, was ruined by being splashed with bleach a long, long time ago). I layered one 16″ square of the quilt, two 16″ squares of the silk and a final 16″ square of the quilt and sewed around leaving an opening for turning. Then I turned it and stuffed it with some old tea shirts. I was very surprised at how well that worked. It is quite heavy, like an old feather cushion, and has a more even, flat finish than I would have expected. I was actually thinking I’d have to take out the Tea Shirts and use toy stuffing! The photo on the right was taken in bright sunlight and in ‘normal’ light it looks more like the photo on the left. It isn’t very interesting but it’s exactly what I need as a base for my crochet square-in-progress.


I hope, by Sunday, I’ll have a crochet finish this week too :)

Janine @Rainbow Hare

5 thoughts on “Waste not, want not…

  1. Lara B.

    Janine, I never would have guessed that t-shirts made such nice stuffing either. So great to put things to use and repurpose them!
    Who is your cuddly Springer Spaniel friend?
    I love the look of the blue crocheted piece on the cushion!


  2. Benta

    Intriguing! As to toy stuffing – if you have an IKEA near you, buy their cheapest cushions or pillows, it’s the most economical way I’ve found to buy stuffing!


  3. soma @ whimsandfancies.com

    T-shirts for stuffing! I would have never thought of that. The blue flower is going to look gorgeous on the silk background. I can’t wait to see it finished. I think helping you is a ruse, they just want to use the comfy quilt you are making. They look so cuddly. Thanks for sharing the photo of the tree. I love woodland :)



  4. Archie The Wonder Dog

    I never would have thought to use t-shirts as stuffing! I buy pillows from Yorkshire Trading and use the innards as stuffing for pin cushions, etc. And the pillows can be tailored to the right size for cushions and a much cheaper than cushion pads…


  5. Kim Sharman

    T-shirts as stuffing….never thought of that one. It looks as if your place is the place to take a relaxing snooze. Oh, to be an animal without a care in the world. Love your crochet square.


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